As God’s Scribe: Even in the Beginnning…

“Believe in the Lord, your God for I am worthy of your belief and trust in me. I do not harm my children. I gently lead them to the truth. I gently help them yield their lives that do not produce fruit, my fruit, the fruit of the Spirit and a world full of goodness and truth.

This is my Word and you would do well to believe in me for all time. I am worthy of your praise. I am worthy of your love. I am worthy of your trust in me.

Your Warrior…


Do not be deceived by the workings and mechanics of this world. This world does not belong to me right now; it belongs to the evil one, who seeks to destroy you and those you love for all time.

But I have redeemed you for my kingdom. I sent my son, Jesus, to be your warrior and to die for your sins–die in your place. That means no more death for you!

Awaiting Your Return…


Yes, your body may die, but I will resurrect it for all time. Your spirit joins me once the old has gone away; I greet you on the other side and lead you in the ways everlasting.

Even so, others will still know it’s you, the ones that have gone on before you. They await your return to Heaven. Yes, your return. You were there in the beginning; all of you were.

“You Were with Me from the Start…”


It was my plan to create you, yes, you, even in the beginning of this world. You were with me at the start. You were perfect then and I adored your uniqueness and who you were in that perfect state.

But sin entered the world and took that away from you, even though you didn’t deserve it. Have no fear for I am here and I will bring you back home for forever. That will be my greatest joy, both now and forevermore. Amen and amen.”

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