August 2014 MIP Book Club Selection

Don’t miss this one! I’ve already started reading it and it may very well change your life for good as it’s doing for mine. I was skeptical of this one, but no more!

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

Amazon Link:

Amazon Cost: $ 13.40/Kindle; $ 14.10/Hardcover; $33.94/Audio CD; $ 4.99/Audible Audio Edition with free 30-day Audible trial; $ 9.48/Paperback


About Gary Keller:

MIP Reading Plan:

Friday, August 1st: Chapter 1

Saturday, August 2nd: Chapter 2

Monday, August 4th: Chapter 3

Tuesday, August 5th: Chapter 4

Wednesday, August 6th: Chapter 5

Thursday, August 7th: Chapter 6

Friday, August 8th: Chapter 7

Saturday, August 9th: Chapter 8

Monday, August 11th: Chapter 9

Tuesday, August 12th: Chapter 10

Wednesday, August 13th: Chapter 11

Thursday, August 14th: Chapter 12

Friday, August 15th: Chapter 13

Saturday, August 16th: Chapter 14

Monday, August 18th: Chapter 15

Tuesday, August 19th: Chapter 16

Wednesday, August 20th: Chapter 17

Thursday, August 21st: Chapter 18

Friday, August 22nd: Slow Reader Friday Post and September 2014 MIP Book Club Selection Announcement