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YOUR Top 10 of MIP 2014: 6 & 5…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

If you like reading or re-reading the “favorite” or “popular” posts here, then today is your day for learning more about what all of you spent time reading at MIP. Number 6 on the list doesn’t surprise me at all. In fact every time some tragedy besets my family or me, that seems to be when most of you read MIP! Have no fear–I get it. In the information age that we live in today, it makes sense to me that you only have time to read truly unusual things and tragedies are unusual in my otherwise very routine life. Number 6 happens to be “Eulogy for a Brother,” which is a modified version of the eulogy I gave at my brother’s memorial service back in March 2014. If you missed the first “go-round,” go here to read it.

Number 5 is another post from the “resolution series” I wrote back a year ago.