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Fast Five: Hey, Jude…



Do you ever read a book of the Bible and think, “What acid were they on when they wrote this?” That was my first thought when reading the book of Jude.

First, it doesn’t seem to really belong in the New Testament. It’s full of harsh language more typical of the Old Testament in a good portion of it. And it took me aback for a moment by saying that Jesus killed the faithless Israelites that were sinning all over the desert for 40 years. I had to remind myself that Jesus is God, too.

There are references to Michael fighting with the Devil and fallen angels in chains in the darkness and Sodom and Gomorrah eternally in fire. Yowza. Where is the love, Jude? Where is the forgiveness? Where’s the grace? Exactly what am I supposed to learn here?

Thankfully, Jude does get around to telling us what we should still remember: that if you don’t live as Jesus did, that if you, as a self-professed Christian, flaunt with God’s rules time after time, there are eternal consequences. Why?