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Word of the Week: bloviate

Yes, yes, yes, I know…I’m late with this post. But here’s the good news–I’ve written the rough draft of 53 pages of my book. At least I think that’s good news.

Last week’s WOW was agon. Merriam-Webster says that agon means the dramatic conflict between the chief characters in a literary work. The DD was right on target with her guess that it had to do with fighting!

This week’s WOW is bloviate. Here are my guesses for it:

bloviate (ˈblō-vē-ˌāt) 1. what happens to your insides when you realize you’ve just blown it 2. a former Soviet 3. inflating something, preferably not your ego

What’s your guess for bloviate? Comment below to see if you are right next week!

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Word of the Week: agon

Good evening, Word Fans! (Okay, so I’m late with this post…)

Last week’s WOW was blench. Merriam Webster Online says that blench means: to draw back or turn aside from lack of courage or to flinch. Ummm….this begs the question: Why not just use the word flinch??? It’s the same number of letters. In fact, with the exception of two letters, it’s the same friggin’ word! Clearly, MaryAnn is not a part of the word wizarding team at Merriam-Webster when they’re deciding what words to label “archaic” in their dictionary. I suppose now that most of us look up the words online anyway, deleting out-of-use words from the dictionary is not a particularly cost-saving venture anymore. But, still!

This week’s WOW is agon. Why do I have this weird feeling all my favorite MIP readers are going to know this one??? Heck, I feel like I should know it, too, so here are my guesses (both serious and not so serious) for agon:

agon (ˈä-ˌgän) 1. the condition or state of someone or something being gone 2. how a Southerner refers to processing cheese and/or wine 3. all gone 4. argon gas once it has started dissipating (Think about it–it will hit you later.)

What’s your definition of agon? Comment below with your guess!

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