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Lessons I Probably Shouldn’t Have Learned at Women of Faith…


This year marked the 2nd year I attended the Dallas Women of Faith conference at the American Airlines Center. This is a rare opportunity to hear the foremost women authors and speakers in Christian thought and entertainment. This year was even better and since so many things are inspirational and downright funny, it would be nearly impossible to capture, in words, what transforms my soul each September. So, I chose to focus on the weird stuff that happens when trying to go to a Christian women’s conference with 14,000 other women in one of the largest urban megalopolis settings in the country. Here’s what I probably shouldn’t have noticed:

1. If you leave at noon for a conference that starts at 7 pm in Dallas and have the audacity to eat at Olive Garden, you will be 20 minutes late.

2. If you leave at 1 pm to make it to a conference that starts at 7 pm in Dallas and choose to eat the inferior concession stand food, you will be 40 minutes early.


Slow Reader Friday: Songs in the Key of Solomon…

Grapes for Two

Grapes for Two

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Do you know Anita Renfroe? Not ringing any bells for some of you? Well, watch this video and I think you’ll remember her just fine. She and her husband, John, are the authors for this month’s MIP Book Club Selection, Songs in the Key of SolomonThe book is a collection of couples devotionals.

Now, before you get ready to click on another blog somewhere or check your FB page, John and Anita are quick to point out that they, too, don’t like most couples devotional books because they are exceedingly boring. They never stuck with any they tried. And so, they decided to author one where you might actually be able to get your spouse to enjoy them and read them.

I floated the first few past the hubby’s very impatient eyes and he actually consented to doing one a week. We’d do it more often, but the man is on a plane 90% of the time and it’s a little tough to communicate in any way, shape or form when the FAA frowns upon such communication. So, we have to cram such activities in on the weekends and they are often so busy with us just catching up on home repairs and what admonitions we need to issue to the youngest collectively that we seldom get more than 1 night each weekend for a date.

If you think I’m lying about the fun of this book, then here are a few excerpts of just where these little “dates” take place from the Renfroes’ book:

1. “Wash some plump, juicy grapes in a colander and bring them bathtub-side. Run a nice bubble bath, light some candles, and set them around the edge of the tub. After you’ve climbed in together, read on.”

2. “Build a tent with some chairs and blankets like you used to do when you were kids. Get underneath, in the dark, with a flashlight.”

3. “Go to wherever the husband’s most prized material possession is kept.”

Do I have your attention now? As you can see, most of these devotions don’t require a lot of planning, lengthy readings or even a lot of cash and babysitters. Most can be done after you get those kids to bed and with ease.

The title is the title because the Song of Solomon is the one book of the Bible that says marital love (and the most intimate parts of it) is not only okay, but strongly recommended! Besides, there are references to the woman’s body that will just make you guffaw. Modern romance isn’t anything like Biblical romance. And for that.. I thank you, Jesus!!!

So go ahead, make some beautiful music with your spouse. Now, where are those grapes?!

What did you think of Songs in the Key of Solomon? Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below!

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Best Quotes from the Dallas Women of Faith Conference…

power tool

Each and every speaker at the Dallas Women of Faith conference have “sound bites” down to a science and that is probably why they were chosen to speak at such a large conference. I caught myself thinking, “I would give my eye teeth (whatever eye teeth are) to just spend a week with them and soak up their passion, enthusiasm, humor, knowledge and wisdom.” That is probably one bucket list item that will never happen, but if I can’t do that, then I prefer to share with my dear readers what I wrote down as my favorite quotes from the conference. These will soon be posted to my Quotes page, so if you can’t find this post to remind you of something you also liked, look for it there in the coming week.  Here goes:

Anita Renfroe:

“If you can’t love it, just decorate it.”

“Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.”

“My doctor said, ‘You are what you eat.’ Therefore, I want to eat a skinny chick.”

Patsy Clairmont:

“You are more than you know.”

“You are going to have to take some risks to prove that you are more than you know.”

“We shouldn’t just memorize, but internalize.”

“Stop believing the lies told to you when you were young.”

“I’ve been around the block so many times, I’ve worn out the curb.”

“God is so much more than you know.”

Sheryl Brady:

“We play so hard to get with God.”

“Praise and worship is not about you.”

“You are closer to the miracle than you have ever been.”

“You don’t know how important Jesus is until He’s all you’ve got.”

Christine Caine:

“Are you willing to be inconvenienced for your church?”

“You are the answer to your own prayer.”

“God cannot multiply what you don’t recognize.”

“We see the enormity and think we can’t do everything. So, we do nothing instead of doing one thing to start something.”

“Jesus doesn’t show up until it’s impossible to do it without Him.” Impossible is where Jesus starts.”

“If you are broken into a thousand pieces, collect and gather the broken pieces and just see what God will do with them.”

Priscilla Shirer:

“This is supposed to be an encouragement so you want more of Him.”

“Just like deodorant, we need to ‘put on God’ every day.”

“God doesn’t need a nap before He can handle you.”

“God’s power is often seen in what He refrains Himself from doing.”

“God has your back.”

“Become the women of destiny we are called to be.”

“You are not an accident! God knew you were going to be here today when you were born. If you think it was a miracle you were born, it was even more of a miracle that you were born again. The Hound of Heaven has been looking for you.”

“Lasting external change comes from changing ourselves from the inside out.”

“I am where I am because God wanted me right where I am to serve right here.”

“I had not been cheated; I had been chosen for that location…for that ministry.”

Mercy Me:

“You are a little kid with power tools…you’re dangerous!”

So, my readers, how “dangerous” are you? Become the person of destiny you were called to be and watch how dangerous you become. But, danger (at least this kind) can be oh, so much fun…and good for the rest of man- and womankind!

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