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Things I’m Not Thankful For: Part 3


Happy belated Veteran’s Day to all those who bravely serve our country! The very fact that others died so I could live in the best country in the world is sobering to me and rightly so, but perhaps even our courageous men and women who serve in this way might be perturbed by a few of the following:

1. Apathy – I can forgive just about anyone if they passionately believe something, even if I don’t really get their passion. But in a world full of starvation, dehydration, prostitution, enslavement, addiction, war and disease, shouldn’t we all be passionate about working to lessen the effects of at least one of these? Of course, I’m rather apathetic about helping people become more passionate. Hmmm…

2. Marketing calls on the phone I listed at the Do Not Call site: I list my numbers every year with this service as requested and they still call. When I say I’m not interested, they continue to try and sell me aluminum siding for my brick home. When my children did things like this, I usually sent them to their rooms.

3. Kids who swear: I still sometimes swear, so I understand how children can pick up such language. But, there is something inherently wrong with a 2 year old saying the F word. There is even more wrong when the parent hears it and doesn’t scold their child for using it. It makes me want to scold the parent for being a child.

4. Mice: Actually, I’m okay with mice…as long as they don’t insist on running under my bed at night. I’ll even let them live here as long as I never have to see them. I have no earthly reason for this loathing or my very stupid reaction upon seeing one, but let’s just say my stress level can go from 0 to 100 in less than 3.5 seconds. Maybe mice are the newest way to eliminate the need for fossil fuel???

5. Allergies: I’ve yet to see the value of an allergy for anyone. How about you? Okay…maybe one has value….an allergy to allergies.

Friday’s Post: Yes, there are even more things that irritate me…

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