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Early to Rise Experience Day 2…



Waking Time: 4:15 am

How I Feel: A little headachey (It is too a word.)

I woke up on my own. Not because I felt really rested, but because “nature called.” 😀 I decided I’d go back to bed if I had to, for the headache’s sake.

I went to sleep late. And amazingly, I’m not that sleepy. But, when I’m this awake this early, I usually pay some way bodily, later. We will see.

People have asked why I’m doing this. Here are the motivators thus far:

A) Most super successful people get up earlier than the rest of the world.

B) I’m probably missing quality time with my hubby by going to bed and getting up at different times from him. since my time with him is so limited, this “feels” selfish, even if my body requires it. It also feels stubborn–maybe I’m being too rigid in this belief about being a night owl.