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Things I’m Not Thankful For…Part 2


On Wednesday I pointed out that, while I’m blessed to have a lot of good things in my life, I do have a few things that regularly twitch my taters. (And no, I have no idea how taters would twitch, nor where “my” taters would be located, if they did twitch.) So, here’s what I can do without just fine today:

  1. Bad grammar and misspellings: While my very own writing usually contains both, my daily reading is hampered when I see a typo or people using words that do not exist. It actually stops the train of thought I was trying to follow in the article, posting or book. I’m even more irritated when I know that a book’s proofreader didn’t catch such errata. Why? Because I used to be a proofreader. And yes, I just used bad grammar.
  2. Wet towels on the floor: In every other part of my home I can be a total slob, but if the towels are wet and on carpeting, I’m incensed. And they had better be folded neatly on the towel rack the proper way. I have no idea why this just grinds my gears, but I prefer to think it’s a disorder caused by my neatnik mother. That’s much more sensible than blaming myself. 
  3. Long receipts: Since the hubby has an expense account and I am his unofficial Senior Executive Administrative Assistant, unfolding and sorting receipts takes up a fair amount of my time. Even though we are supposed to be going green, receipts seem to get longer and longer. This probably means we’re killing even more trees than when I was a kid, when we thought “going green” was being the Hulk for Halloween. And the usual reason for their added length? To remind you five times to do their ONLINE survey so that you can get emails from them until you die and never, ever win their astonishingly-large jackpot that you are eligible for only if you complete said survey. Here’s a thought: Don’t even have the survey or the jackpot. Save some money from using less paper and not giving some rich millionaire your jackpot and lower your prices. That way we will ALL feel like we won. If you can’t do that, give the extra to your hard-working employees who are tired of rolling up your long receipts for their customers.
  4. Long books that could have been written with 1/2 the verbiage: This one makes absolutely no sense because I adore my lengthy verbiage, but if the point was made five pages ago and you’re still prattling on about the same point, I’m not only bored; I’m re-writing and editing said verbiage. See # 1. Of course, these thoughts will be completely forgotten while editing my own book. *sigh*
  5. Poorly researched writing or speaking that sounds definitive: An awful lot of reporters, commentators, politicians and scientists write or speak as if what they are saying is actual fact when it is really an opinion. If it’s your opinion, just say so. If we like you enough, we’ll probably believe you anyway. Of course, I NEVER do this myself. *cough* *sputter* I feel my nose getting longer and it was plenty long to begin with.  And yes, I just used bad grammar again.


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Things I’m Not Thankful for, Part I…

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day

It has become a recent trend on FB to post 30 things/people/conditions/situations that one is thankful to have…one for each day of November. I have participated in this trend in years past. Indeed, if one lives in America (even if you can’t afford Obamacare), there is much reason to give thanks. We are still one of the wealthiest countries in the world with the most freedoms. We can worship the deity we wish to worship. We can choose our own profession. We get at least a basic education unlike the majority of the world.

But, there ARE some things I honestly have difficulty perceiving as a blessing. So, in November I elect (since it’s also a month that usually features an election) to share the things that are not at the top of my thankful list:

1. IV needles – These rather large nasty objects always hurt, no matter how much I pray, visualize, breathe or otherwise try to deal with them being attached to my body. Can we just ship these to D.C. every time politicians want to shut down the government?

2. Self-inflicted pain – I can tolerate other people torturing me; I just don’t seem to enjoy torturing myself. This particularly applies to stomach injections that produce quarter-sized multi-colored bruises. But, I have managed to bruise myself merely by walking forward…into an obvious wall. And I seem to make a habit of this. Does this mean I’m subconsciously sado-masochistic?

3. Dust – Why is it that when I can’t see dust in the air, I can see it all too well on my furniture??? And since my home is pretty loaded with horizontal surfaces, I loathe having to dust every single one of them. If they make affordable dusting robots, I will be first in line for one. Would you call a dusting robot a robust??? You can stop groaning now.

4. Arthritis – At the exact time in my life when I probably need to be more active, my body vehemently protests this with pain that will wake the dead each time I move one centimeter. Unfortunately, the only thing that really works on lessening this pain is 2 centimeters of moving…every second of every day.

5. Cloudy days with no rain – About the only good thing a cloudy day yields is less need for SPF 100 sunscreen. Either rain or get sunny again. I think this is the “fish or cut bait” advice. Can you give advice to the weather??? Hmmm….

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