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As God’s Scribe: Be Kind to Them…

“Be wary of those around you who do not love me as their Creator God. They scorn your ways and will do anything to thwart your ways. The time is coming all will be well with you, but they will rue the day they chose not to acknowledge me as their own Messiah. I love them; they do not love me.

My ways are not your ways, so you must be vigilant in how you conduct yourselves around them for I am love, just as you should be for all time’s sake. Judge not lest you be judged, for the time is coming when I will judge the unjust.

Why do you withdraw your love from those who need it most? They are my beloved children from all eternity to all eternity. Many of my children do not know worldly wealth, and because of it, they suffer.

Many of them suffer from malnutrition, a lack of shelter, imprisonment, illiteracy, pestilence, war, and dis-ease. Be kind to them, my children, for they need you.

It will come to pass that all men and all women will know my name for my son’s sake. He will judge the nations and do my work as only he can. Justice will rain down from Heaven until the day of reckoning. Then there will be peace in the land for all eternity.”