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For Boston…


How do we put in words

The feelings in our gut

About the tragedy in Boston

Where runners usually strut?


How do we solve this illness

In the heart of so many minds

That thinks that violence

Is the best way to help mankind?


I cannot see the end

To terror on innocent lives.

The problem seems voluminous,

With too many forces and drives.


It doesn’t matter what the weapon

When young life’s blood is shed,

Evil is just evil

And something we all dread.


But one day Light will shine

Right down into all our hearts

And save us all from weakness

That causes disintegration into parts.


And Light knows no darkness

So none of us can hide

We’d better be ready to answer

For what we think is pride.


For Light only acknowledges

One simple little truth,

That Love is the only answer

That’s ultimately and completely  bomb-proof.


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