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Things That Breed In My House…

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At this time of year our attention turns to bunnies. Notice I left out a particular E word, because so many people have been maimed, mauled and otherwise abused by visits from a large white bunny that delivers eggs. (Why do I always feel like that bunny missed the biology class on just how baby bunnies are born???) Yes, dear ones, that was sarcasm.

Since bunnies are not exactly reproductively challenged, my mind often turns to things that also seem to breed in my house:

1. Mismatched sox.

2. Receipts, usually from the HEB pharmacy. What can I say? My life is one health adventure after another.

3. Junk mail. I’m about to adopt my brother’s philosophy of sending it back to the sender in their postage paid envelopes….just so they can have as much junk mail as I do. I always knew my brother was absolutely brilliant.

4. Christmas ornaments. Ahem. *cough* This is my own fault, but I’m a sucker for Christmas.

5. Matched sox. I sense a theme here.

6. Underwear. They’re racing the sox for total clothing domination. They come two different ways: with holes and without.

7. Wedding “stuff.”I thought this stuff would leave last June. Most of my furniture left instead.

8. Counseling books, counseling research papers (152 to be exact) and counseling notebooks. After looking at this “mess,” I’m ready for…counseling.

9. Dust bunnies. A lot of them are comprised of blonde dog hair…I wonder who’s responsible for that.

10. Lime water spots. Even with filtered and bottled water in abundance at my house. And the Lime Spot cleaner seems to be breeding, too.

11. Dishes. I’m beginning to think I’m Martha Stewart’s long lost sister. Nah.

12. Tupperware containers. I’ve been to one too many Tupperware parties, but one can never have enough Pampered Chef, right?

13. Boots. You name the kind and the size and they are somewhere in my domicile.

14. Catalogs. I shop online and despite un-checking the boxes that ask if these stores can send me catalogs, they do anyway. I’m going to get their order forms and send them some…sox. Why? The lime spots are a little tough to get in the envelopes.

15. Wii and X-box games. I don’t remember buying very many of these. Hmmm….

16. Empty boxes. You try living with a sales team leader. I forgot to mention, in the marriage pre-nup, that I’d prefer for the hubby to house his company’s supplies in an actual office…located somewhere other than in my home and garage. My bad.

17. Sports equipment that we never use.

18. Dog equipment that we never use.

19. Broken fitness equipment.

20. Cell phones, cell phone cords, and computer cables. I think we’re into the 3rd rather large drawer for all this stuff. Why? Because we will need some ancient cord or cell phone if dinosaurs ever walk the planet again.

21. Microwaves, old TVs and mini-refrigerators. This is what happens when your kids go to college and then actually develop taste and cash from a job.

22. Bibles. Name the version and we probably have it.

23. Hats. The PH has a rather large collection. I have a rather large headache.

24. Coffee pots. What? You don’t cook breakfast for an army at your house?

25. Blue and gold items. I blame this on our overachieving local high school. It is Texas, after all…we live Friday Night Lights. Must consult those counseling books. There has got to be a disorder for this.

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