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The Odd Days of August…


June and August may be the only two months in which most U.S. citizens do not participate in celebrating one particular holiday. You could argue that most of us celebrate Flag Day in June, but let’s be honest: even banks don’t recognize it as a holiday. Since August is so devoid of things to celebrate (However, in our family there are a wealth of August birthdays we will be celebrating.), may I suggest some of the following based on

August 1st – National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (Now this needs to be a national holiday!)

August 2nd – National Mustard Day (This begs the question: Is there a National Ketchup Day? Mayo Day? Relish Day? Condiments Day?)

August 3rd – Sisters Day (Note to Big Brother: I expect presents this day.)

August 4th – U.S. Coast Guard Day (Won’t the other Armed Forces be jealous?)

August 5th – Work Like a Dog Day (You notice that no one ever says, “Work Like a Cat”???)

August 6th – Wiggle Your Toes Day (This could be tricky to celebrate…particularly if you’re getting some gray hair like me.)

August 7th – National Lighthouse Day (A little tricky to celebrate if you live in Central Texas)

August 8th – National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day (I have serious concerns about the originator of this holiday’s sanity.)

August 9th – Book Lover’s Day (See…this one makes some actual sense!)

August 10th – Lazy Day (After you sneak zucchini onto porches, this day is a necessity.)

August 11th – Presidential Joke Day (Does this mean we are to make jokes about the President or he’s supposed to make jokes this day or he is a joke???)

August 12th – Middle Child Day (What if there is no Middle Child?)

August 13th – Left Hander’s Day (I guess all of us right-handed people have to “work like a dog” and the lefties get this day off?)

August 14th – National Creamsicle Day (I sense a theme with cream here. See August 1st.)

August 15th – Relaxation Day (I suppose the people who created Lazy Day were too lazy to put it together with Relaxation Day. That would have made too much sense.)

August 16th – National Tell A Joke Day (Again, why not pair this with Presidential Joke Day?)

August 17th – National Thriftshop Day (I’ve always had the need to shop in dusty places filled with out-of-style items that contain everyone else’s germs.)

August 18th – Bad Poetry Day (I suppose “Good Poetry Day” was already taken?)

August 19th – Aviation Day (This means we check our bags for free on this day, right?)

August 20th – National Radio Day (Sirius is free this day, right?)

August 21st – Senior Citizen’s Day (Well, it only makes sense after Middle Child Day.)

August 22nd – National Tooth Fairy Day (Remind me to yank out a tooth this day.)

August 23rd – Ride the Wind Day (Assuming there is some this day)

August 24th – Vesuvius Day (I always celebrate exploding volcanoes.)

August 25th – Kiss and Make Up Day (Shouldn’t this be preceded by Argument Day?)

August 26th – National Dog Day (Because we don’t spoil our dogs any other day)

August 27th – Global Forgiveness Day (Let’s explain this to North Korea and the Middle East.)

August 28th – Race Your Mouse Day (As long as they race away from my house)

August 29th – More Herbs, Less Salt Day (I find this amusing, since recent research suggests that salt is not the huge nemesis we were all told to avoid as kids.)

August 30th – Frankenstein Day (Zombie Apocalypse Day was already taken?)

August 31st – National Trail Mix Day (An excuse to eat more M & M’s, right?)

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