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Contemplative Meditation…


Once upon a time I didn’t read much, other than Google links or reading magazine articles at the doctor’s office. (However, I do spend a lot of time there!) Today it’s different.

What changed? I started scheduling reading time.

Yep. Scheduling it.

This habit started when I was studying for my master’s. I juggled: working full-time, parenting part-time (I still had a teen at home.), attending classes, doing a few volunteer activities, attending church, and taking care of our family home (The maid thing hasn’t really worked for me!). The only way to make sure I studied as much as needed was to start with all the deadlines for each course and then plan “backwards” what reading, writing, and researching needed to be done in order to complete assignments on time.

This usually meant that I had deadlines for reading textbook chapters. This habit is now extended to my MIP Book Selection choices. In fact I even list my reading schedule, or plan, below all the details for how to obtain that book. I invite you to read with me!