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Word of the Week: cock-a-hoop

Book ClubI am already up to Chapter 5 of this month’s Book Club Selection. Probably means I kinda like the book, hunh? Go here to get it for yourself!

Children of the Day Update: Did you decide to participate in Beth Moore’s latest study? Are you ready to begin on Wednesday? Go here for all the details!

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Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was recondite. The daughter and the DSL think it has something to do with observing something. I’m afraid that Merriam-Webster wouldn’t agree.


Word of the Week: collimate


Word of the Week: cadge

Book Club Lovers: There’s 11 days left until the Slow Reader Friday post of The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The chapters are not tough to read, so jump on in if you haven’t started reading yet!

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Women of Faith: I am taking a group of 15 women with me to the Dallas Women of Faith conference on Sept. 19th and 20th. See Patsy Clairmont, Sheila Walsh, Anita Renfroe, Nichole Nordeman, Christine Caine, Priscilla Shirer, Matthew West and more! Tickets cost $ 79 and a hotel room (Holiday Inn Express) is $ 60 plus tax/per night, double occupancy. An optional box lunch from Jason’s Deli is $ 12.00. Email me here for further details, if you’re interested.

Good morning, Word Lovers and Happy Birthday, Hubby, wherever you are! 🙂

Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was diktat. Merriam-Webster Online describes diktat as: a harsh settlement unilaterally imposed or a decree or order. That’s pretty much how my offspring would say the house ran when they were younger–settlements harshly imposed by Mom or Dad or both! 

Today’s WOW is cadge. Here are my guesses for cadge: cadge: (ˈkaj) 1. a cadet’s badge 2. a badger catch 3. an Ivan Rodriguez catch (That’s just for you, DSL!)

What are your guesses for cadge? Send me an email here to let me know about them.

Wednesday’s Post: If The Offspring Ruled the World…

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Word of the Week: diktat

Book Club Lovers: Have you started The ONE Thing by Gary Keller? No? Get started! It will probably change the way you approach your daily life!

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Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was toxophilite. Merriam-Webster defines toxophilite as a person fond of or expert at archery. I think we can say that Katniss Everdeen is a toxophilite. 

Today’s WOW is diktat. I can’t wait to find out the real definition for this one–it’s just too much fun to say! But until we learn the actual definition next week, here are my guesses for diktat:

diktat: (dik-ˈtät) 1. a toddler’s way of saying “Tic Tac” 2. Richard’s tattoo 3. the Turkish word for dictation

What’s your guess for diktat? Submit it here!

Wednesday’s Post: What You Can Tell about MaryAnn from Looking in Her Purse…

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