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Pomp Romp…


Today they all dress up
And face that final “line-up”
And then they seriously march
In shoes with actual arch.

While they may want to party and romp
They have to walk to a song with lots of pomp,
And then they listen to lots and lots of speeches
About what the future should teach us.

They file onto a portable stage
With hopes of getting that historic page
They shake a lot of graduated hands
Then hear from their dearest fans.

They sit back in their seats
And long to gaze at their academic feats
But their emotions start to “tank”
When they realize their folders are blank.

So, all those years of hard work
Can make people go a little berserk
Because they didn’t really get a diploma
But only a commencement speech-induced coma.

Congratulations to the Class of 2013…Lucky ’13, right?!

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