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Maizie’s Musings: My Ears…


My ears are, as the humans say, a “mixed bag.” On the one side they get lots of petting. The mom person says that I have the softest ears of any dog she has ever known. (Like she knows so many!) There’s this person that looks kinda like the mom person, but she is doesn’t have as many creases in her face and she’s owned by the big black dog that goes with me to that place with all the trees I like to sniff.

Even that person says I have really soft ears, too. So, if I really want to love on my people, I put my ears closest to them, knowing they will eventually succumb to their softness. If they don’t get the message, I nudge those ears closer to their hands. I also do this if they stop succumbing to them. Sometimes I get in trouble for this if I do it for too long.

That doesn’t stop me. I just move on to the next human. Sooner or later they all pet the ears.