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Lessons Learned from Attending an Easter Sunday-Elite 8 Adventure:

easter dress

Warning: Get a beverage first. 

  1. CBS Sports does a fine job of scheduling coverage of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament until they interrupt my Easter dinner with my family. Harumph.
  2. One can create a nifty Easter breakfast, instead, for celebrating purposes. But, it may mean that everyone at the breakfast table is not quite awake. Except for the 3 family dogs. They’re a little too awake, if you know what I mean.
  3. Add tooth picks to the Easter Breakfast table….for eye propping purposes.
  4. Amend sugary offerings at Breakfast for those on a low carb diet, unless we’re talking homemade beignets. Fried dough should never be “low-carbed.”
  5. Do not mess with the Alpha Dog’s bone. One dog learned that lesson the hard way and then proceeded to cower between my legs afterward. Her mistake? Thinking she was the alpha dog. Rumor has it that she later tried to retaliate, but was severely scolded by her owner. I now understand why Congress can’t get anything done. Too many alpha dogs.
  6. An Easter service is even more celebratory when your son is jamming out on the drums.
  7. Peter had ADD.
  8. Peter describing Jesus’ behavior in a rainstorm is, well, funny.
  9. CBS Sports is responsible for me not donning the new Easter attire the PH so thoughtfully bought me for my birthday. He may be contacting our lawyer as we speak.
  10. CBS Sports is responsible for us “eating” two tickets to the game. Apparently, people have more important things to do on Easter Sunday. Like hunt Easter eggs that aren’t orange with black striping.
  11. Jack Nicholson doesn’t go to college games, but I kept looking for him anyway.
  12. I don’t know how to act like a VIP…like everyone around me. At least they thought they were VIPs.
  13. It’s hard to know how to cheer when the people behind you are wearing bright blue and the people in front of you are wearing navy blue. I resorted to, “Go Big Blue!”
  14. The best t-shirt slogan of the day is on the shirt of a Notre Dame fan. What?!  It read, “Play like your girlfriend died last night.” Crass yes, but funny.
  15. The best dig at CBS Sports’ rescheduling—a sign reading: “We skipped Easter to be here.” (Please note that we did not skip Easter. There are priorities in life and one of those is celebrating that Resurrection. Now, if we could only resurrect all those highly-seeded teams I picked in my bracket.)
  16. The guy with the basketball on his head was sitting very close to me. How do I know this? Because EVERYONE wanted pics with him, usually when something critical was happening in the game right behind him. Ahem.
  17. One of the sportscasters had a purple velvet blazer on for, I guess, Easter Sunday. Where do you get a bright purple velvet sports jacket? “Pimps R Us”??? Cuz I’m thinking 4 men in my family all need one, right? (They are all vigorously shaking their heads right now.) Okay, so maybe I’ll get them for my brothers instead. I don’t really care if they’re vigorously shaking their heads. 😀
  18. Ding! Dong! The bracket is dead. (A Wizard of Oz reference seemed pertinent, since that is what I used to watch on Easter Sunday afternoons.)
  19. I’m glad I was listening to the game on the radio during that huge injury in the Louisville/Duke game. I’ve seen enough sports injuries to last me a lifetime, thanks to the offspring. Let’s just say that our orthopedic surgeon has us on the “Volume Surgery” plan.
  20. When you put two huge jumbo-trons in front of my face, I watch them instead of watching live players in front of me. What can I say? I’m used to watching March Madness with stat updates every 5 seconds.
  21. Nik Stauskas is a freshman??? If so, I don’t even want to know how much his mother’s grocery bill is each week. And Momma? I think you can retire now.
  22. You can always tell which team is winning by the number of time-outs left for each side, unless it’s the tip-off.
  23. You can watch basketball in a football stadium. But, you still can’t get to your seats without going up one flight of stairs and down one flight of stairs. Oh, and forget being able to find the souvenir stand.
  24. Best comment in the ladies room? “A MAN must have designed this stadium.” Yep, and I bet his initials are J. J.
  25. Would I gladly do this nonsense all over again to watch the Final Four next year? Yes, indeedy. I just won’t buy a new Easter dress. I’ll wear a Notre Dame t-shirt instead.


Point to Ponder Challenge: How did you spend Easter or Passover? What traditions do you and your family enjoy? What makes them so special? Are these traditions celebrated by others outside of your family? Why were these traditions started? Investigate, if you don’t know. The answers may surprise you!

Tomorrow’s Post: not a fan…which is not all that surprising after this post, hunh?



Mexican Bunny Hop…


If you live in Texas,
You can do this, too.
It’s a little dance
Called Cascarone Fight.

Hide your head from all,
Duck before you fall,
To avoid getting the
Hit, hit, hit.

No one is too safe,
But before you chafe,
Just retaliate with a
Bop, Bop, Bop.

Dontcha love big eggs,
And confetti on your legs
You can do it, too.
Just drop, drop, drop.