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Word of the Week: ephebic

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Book Club LoversIsn’t Christine Caine’s story fascinating? Hope you are enjoying reading about her as much as I am!

Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was frisson. Merriam-Webster Online defines frisson as: a brief moment of emotional excitement. So, it’s a “cheap thrill”??? 😉 But frisson sounds better, hunh? I apparently have lots of frissons while shopping online. I don’t think this is a good thing. Hmmm…

This week’s WOW is ephebic. I don’t know what it means, but it sure makes me sound intelligent when I say it! Unfortunately, saying it (so far) has not helped me come up with intelligent-sounding definition guesses. Read on to see what I mean:

ephebic: (i-ˈfē-bik) 1. the description of a person  who has an online phobia 2. something that lasts for a very short period of time 3. the newest version of a ballpoint pen

What’s your definition for ephebic?

Wednesday’s Post: Things I”m Not Thankful For…Part III

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