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Word of the Week: adscititious

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Compassion Counseling Center Update: Our web site is up! Go here to see it!  The DSL (who created this web site) created Compassion’s site. I’m impressed. How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Word Lovers! (I figure if stores can have “Black Friday Week” that’s really a day, we can have a week of giving thanks, right???) Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was infix. No one knew this one! So, let’s consult Merriam-Webster for a little help. There are actually 3 definitions for infix: to fasten or fix by piercing or thrusting in; to impress firmly in the consciousness or disposition; and to insert (as a sound or letter) as an infix.

I would like to state, for the record, that my last definition guess (last week) was kinda close. Why? Because it almost never is. So there.


Word of the Week: infix

Book Club Fans: This coming Friday is the Slow Reader Friday review for Patsy Clairmont’s TwirlGive Twirl a whirl! 🙂

Random Post Alert! For the next two weeks, there won’t be any Fast Five posts as I get things ready for a Thanksgiving family get-together, so you know what that means, don’t you? A random post from me. This could be serious trouble.

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Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was opusculum. No one knew this word, but the hubby said he looked it up. He said I wouldn’t like the definition. I now know why. Merriam-Webster Online defines opusculum as a minor work (as of literature) —usually used in plural. That pretty much describes all posts at MIP. *le sigh*

Today’s WOW is infix. I keep thinking I should know this word, but since the brain cells are dying by the nanosecond, it escapes me. I’ll lay odds I’m going to hear from several of you about the definition for this one, as a result. Here are my guesses for infix:

infix: (ˈin-ˌfiks) 1. the opposite of “fixin’ to” in Texas 2. fixing the Inn 3. attaching something to the internal part of something else. 4. fixing dinner when it’s too cold and snowy outside

What’s your guess for infix? Submit it here!

Wednesday’s Post: Hmmmm….maybe a Lessons Learned???? 

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Word of the Week: opusculum

Book Club Fans: I’m reading about silencing my mind today in TwirlThat will happen when someone clunks me over the head with a hammer.

Fast 5 Topic for this Week: We’ve figured out why Philemon probably did what Paul asked him to do. Now, it’s on to hear John, the beloved apostle in 2nd John. No, not the gospel of John at the beginning of the New Testament…2nd John…towards the end of the New Testament.

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Howdy, Word Fans! Last week’s word was knackered. I had a sneaky suspicion someone was going to know this word and actually two family members both got this one right. Merriam-Webster officially defines it as: tired or exhausted. This is a British expression, so I guess the relatives spent a week in London recently when I wasn’t looking. What is even more interesting is that knacker is a noun and has little to do with knackered. Go figure. 


Word of the Week: hegira

Book Club News: Do you have your copy of Twirl? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Go here to get your copy of MIP‘s November 2014 Book Club Selection!

Fast 5 Posts: For 5 Wednesdays (with the exclusion of holiday Wednesdays!) I’m going to give my insights on 5 Books of the Bible. If you can’t read each of these books in one sitting, we need to have you evaluated for ADHD. So grab your Bibles (or beg, borrow or buy one, if need be) and find Obadiah and see what it says about Biblical times. I will do the same and let you know on Wednesday what I’m learning about this under-appreciated part of our Bibles.

My Favorite Things Update: This coming Friday is not only Halloween, but also another installment of My Favorite Things, so as you put out the bowl of candy (that your family will hopefully NOT consume right before that “witching hour” approaches), grab your laptop, phone or tablet and read the blog and wait for those cute trick-or-treaters.


Word of the Week: fantod

Book Club Members: This Friday is the Slow Reader Friday review of Beating Goliath by Art Briles. I will also announce the November MIP Book Club Selection on Friday. Tell me what you thought of Coach Briles’ book here.

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Good morning, Word Lovers! Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was billingsgate. No one had a guess for this word. So, let’s consult Merriam-Webster Online: coarsely abusive language. Maybe that’s why my readers didn’t know it? None of us engage in billingsgate???

Today’s WOW is fantod. Here are my guesses for the definition of fantod: