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Jesus Is a Nomad…

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During one of my Early to Rise mornings this thought entered my brain: Jesus is a nomad. Such thoughts are not usual for me early in the morning. The usual thought at 5 am is, “Where is my coffee?” Thus, I paid attention to this thought.

I let that thought roll around in my head for a long time. Okay. It was 10 minutes, tops. But, that was long enough for me to realize why God put that thought into my head, as opposed to the usual coffee addiction thought.

If Jesus is a nomad, then following Him is going to be a royal pain. Why?

Because being a nomad means that the direction of where I’m going will change frequently. There won’t be much predictability about it and therefore, it will also be a pain for my family and friends.


The 12 Days of MIP 2014: 2 and 1…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hey, awesome MIP-stalkers! How are you? I’m a little frightened about 2015, honestly.

In 8 days counseling begins at Compassion Counseling Center and I have many concerns about the “unknown.” But, one thing that I hope you gain from stopping by here is that fear is not a big deal. It’s just a signal that we should plan carefully and pray consistently so that our future steps are thoughtfully carried out and guided by God.

Let’s get this series finished up, okay? My 2nd most favorite post of 2014 is not my favorite because I like how I wrote it, but because it marked a milestone for me. It was my first product review. Some bloggers actually make a living doing this, believe it or not. I doubt that I will ever do so many that I can retire on such posts, but it indicates to me that some of the steps I’m taking to get my blog “out there” are finally taking off. And I want my blog to be helpful and an inspiration to whomever God puts in my path (and I consider you “in my path” if you read this blog!). If you missed this post and care to read it, click here.

Like my product review, I also know, all too well, that many of you only read this blog on Mondays! You have always loved the WOW posts (Word of the Week) and thus, it seems only fitting, that my most favorite 2014 post be a WOW post. Click here to see if you know this WOW!

Friday’s Post: YOUR favorites of 2014…

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