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Fast 5: The Open Hand of 3rd John

open hands

This week my “hands” have been “closed.” What do I mean by that? That, at the exact moment when my hands should be offering goodness and kindness openly, without reservation, I am getting judgmental, self-protective, and downright selfish. I shake my head, almost literally, that someone who’s been on the planet as long as I have, still struggles with such a lousy attitude.

How did I “contract” such a lousy attitude? It actually came about for some pretty valid reasons. Do you see any of this in your past?

1. I lived in a modest home where economizing was key to being self-sufficient and to survival.

2. I grew up in a Christian home and was often easy prey for con artists.

3. As the youngest child and only girl by a “long shot,” I grew accustomed to getting the items on my wish list for birthdays and Christmas, despite # 1.

4. I’m three-quarters Scot–thriftiness and saving are two highly touted values in my family.