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As God’s Scribe: Forewarned and Forearmed…


“I am the Lord God, your savior and redeemer. Do not be scared of the things to come for I will be with you to the end of the age–the time to come. Great healing will take place then; great love and joy and peaces will reign for all eternity.

Be forewarned and forearmed in the ways eternal so that you may prosper in the times to come. Be like Joseph, who prepared for dark days and dark times. He did not consume all he could have consumed.

He saved a nation by saving some supplies for a ‘rainy day.’ So should you be prepared for the time to come. Yes, share with your neighbor, for in that way, you will win souls to the kingdom and prepare the nations for my return.

Be ready; be still. Wait for my orders when the time is complete. Be ready; be still for the time is coming, and coming soon.

Do not despair when this happens for it is my way of gathering the nations to me. Do not be weary of doing, for that is what will save you.

You will prophesy and speak tongues; you will see me move in ways you have never seen before. It will be my doing and my glory when it happens and I will be pleased to do it.”