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The Odd Days of December…

Christmas cookie baking

You didn’t really think that November had cornered the market on weird holidays, did you? Yes, Virginia, there are weird holidays in December, too:

December 1st – Eat A Red Apple Day – I suppose you turn into an elf if you eat a green one?

December 2nd – National Fritters Day –Don’t fritter this day away without eating a fritter.

December 3rd – National Roof Over Your Head Day – Glad my roof isn’t under my head?

December 4th – Wear Brown Shoes Day – Let’s just hope everyone wears socks with those brown shoes.

December 5th – Bathtub Party Day – This sounds like a holiday invented by weary parents, if you ask me.

December 6th – Put On Your Own Shoes Day – Whoa. I’m not supposed to wear other peoples’ shoes?

December 8th – National Brownie Day – I’m in. How about you?

December 8th – Take It in the Ear Day – Just don’t put brownies in your ear.

December 9th – Christmas Card Day – Let me guess…Hallmark instituted this one.

December 11th – National Noodle Ring Day – Either this is a Spaghetti-O’s Day or I quite obviously missed the opportunity for noodle jewelry.

December 12th – National Ding-a-ling Day –A salute to the person who started Noodle Ring Day?

December 13th – National Ice Cream Day – Nothing like frozen treats on a cold December day…Hmmm…

December 14th – National Bouillabaisse Day – Ummm….think I’ll stick with Ice Cream Day.

December 15th – National Lemon Cupcake Day – Make mine a double.

December 16th – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – Cover my lemon cupcake with brownies?

December 17th – National Maple Syrup Day – Guess it’ll be “hop-pin’” at IHOP this day, right? *groan*

December 18th – Bake Cookies Day – Yes, I always forget to bake cookies in December.

December 19th – Look for an Evergreen Day – This is in case you don’t like the Charlie Brown tree look.

December 20th – Go Caroling Day – These last 3 days are for people who lose their December to-do lists?

December 21st – Humbug Day – This must be the day we check our bank balances?

December 22nd – National Date Nut Bread Day – One can never have enough desserts in December.

December 23rd – Roots Day – Does this mean I need to visit my hairdresser or join

December 24th – National Chocolate Day –Chocolate Covered Anything Day wasn’t enough?

December 25th – National Pumpkin Pie Day – This bodes well for the Fitness Industry in January.

December 27th – National Fruitcake Day – I suppose this is when we throw out the fruitcake?

December 30th – National Bicarbonate of Soda Day – Pass the Tums, please.

December 31st – Make Up Your Mind Day – That’s assuming you haven’t lost yours by now.

But here are a few, lesser-known holidays we may want to remember and honor in our households this month:

December 6th – St. Nicholas’ Day – When I traveled to the Netherlands one December, I watched this holiday in action. Every citizen there writes an original poem to those they love for St. Nicholas’ Day and the family gets together to hear these poems.

December 6th – Mitten Tree Day – This might be a wonderful day to donate mittens to a local shelter or charity organization

December 7th – Letter Writing Day –Write a letter to a person who will be alone for the holidays?

December 12th – National Poinsettia Day – Take a pretty poinsettia to a lonely nursing home resident?

December 28th – Card Playing Day – Get together with friends, family, etc. to play a card game.

December is also Write a Friend Month. For 41 years I have been blessed to call a wonderful woman in Indiana my best friend. We sure didn’t know we were celebrating Write a Friend Month way back in 7th grade, but we always celebrate our friendship each December by writing each other about what is so special to us about our friendship.  Having lost a few of my friends in recent years, I can tell you that it’s important to treasure such friendships and acknowledge them with a letter every now and then, despite the many miles that may be between you now.

Enjoy this holiday season, no matter what your traditions are!

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