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Maizie’s Musings: Furless Fur…

Dog of Steel

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Those loud booms are back again. This does not make me happy. And they aren’t going away.

When the booms come, I start panting and shaking and I can’t seem to stop. I even went to my usual cave, but couldn’t stop panting. One morning the Mom person noticed that I was panting even when laying down in my cave. She must have been concerned about it because she got her furless fur on before noon (Trust me–this is unusual for her.) and left the house.

I was not wild about her being gone while the booms were going off, but when she came back, she had something for me! I’m not sure what this gizmo is supposed to be, but it resembles some of the Mom person’s furless furs.

She wrapped one part around my neck and then wrapped the rest around my middle parts. The funniest thing happened after she did that–I stopped panting! I even decided, reluctantly, to stay by her while she typed on her laptop. I was still worried the booms could get me, but as long as the Mom person was nearby, I could handle it.

When I go outside, she takes it off. I definitely do not understand that! That is where the booms are loudest and the wet stuff comes from the sky. That’s when I needed that furless fur the most! But off it comes! It doesn’t seem to matter what I think. The only good news about going outside when the booms are going off is that I get a treat afterwards.

The good news is that if I start panting or shaking, she puts the furless fur on me again and I feel better. Sometimes I still go into my cave, because I’m not quite sure how a furless fur protects me from the booms, but I’m starting to think of it as my Super Dog cape.

I wonder if I can fly in my Super Dog cape. Hmmm…..I may have to try that from the Mom person’s bed when she’s not around. Remind me to put goggles on her shopping list.

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