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Early to Rise Experience Day 5…

light bulb

Time: 6 am

How I Feel: A little sleepy and a little dazed

As much as I may not want to admit it, I do think I have some pretty profound thoughts at o’ dark thirty. (I don’t want to admit it because it probably means I’m getting up early for the rest of life. *LARGE SIGH*) At least these thoughts seem profound to me.

If they are profound, I’m sure these thoughts are not mine.

People say, “You’re a gifted writer.” I disagree.

When something I write turns out well, it’s usually because a “light bulb” suddenly went off over my head. It feels like the light bulb came from someone other than me.

The light bulb is just too complete an idea to be something I conjure up. I tend to think these light bulbs are from the Holy Spirit. In these moments I am merely a human pen.

I imagine this is what is meant when we say the the Bible is written by “men inspired by God.’ Have no fear–I have no illusions that these light bulbs should be something people ponder, study and frame on their walls. I’m just saying it’s different from what I write normally.

It’s less of an effort and more of a dictation and a transcription. And I’m content to be that scribe who merely shares it with others.

As for waking up early, I do seem to get more done when I wake up early, but I still feel overwhelmed by all I have to do each day. I hope that dissipates over time and as I adjust my life to accommodate the Compassion Counseling Center demands.

Either because I want to or because I feel better, I am starting to work on a few of my own things. I’m just not sure it’s the right things! Guess I need to wait for a few more light bulbs. 😉