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Lessons Learned from Completing a Hospital Survey….


  1. Don’t start by counting how many questions you have to answer.
  2. There were 86 questions.
  3. Many of the questions were redundant, so we killed trees for nothing.
  4. The paper was heavy weight…more trees gone.
  5. Read all of the questions first before answering any of them.
  6. The regular nursing staff got a better rating than they deserved because of # 5 and using an ink pen. You’re welcome.
  7. If you can skip certain sections if they don’t apply to you, all of them will apply to me. See # 2.
  8. They still think I only visited their hospital once. I guess the 2nd time I was a mirage? I’ll remember that when it’s time to pay the 2nd set of bills.
  9. My doctor’s nurse thinks the same thing. See # 8.
  10. The helicopter evacuation team thinks the same thing. See # 8.
  11. They don’t make an answer choice for what I really think.
  12. They’re too scared to make an answer choice for what I really think.
  13. In reality, no one has ever thought up my particular answer choices. Or survey questions, for that matter.
  14. # 13 makes me smile…rather sadistically. I feel a post coming on…
  15. If they don’t want my actual opinion, they should not provide blank lines after the questions.
  16. The first 25 questions are from the U.S. government. Based on watching my parents deal with retired military medical care from the U.S. government, I think I can state pretty definitively that the answers to those 25 questions will be ignored.
  17. Based on # 16, I think I can safely say that hospital operations are probably going to get worse after answering their questions.
  18. I can actually hear my taxes going up, because of # 16 and # 17.
  19. The redundant questions? Yeah, those were from the U.S. government. See # 18.
  20. I’m all out of opinions, except that I am still smiling sadistically. See # 14.


Tomorrow’s Post: MaryAnn’s Hospital Survey…..bwahahahhaha

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