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Word of the Week: heliacal

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Last week we were deciding on the meaning of campestral. The LSH gave his thoughts: “Is that the cholesterol you get when you eat s’mores around a campfire? He’s actually not too far off, literally. Campestral means rural or of the fields or open country. This means we could use it to refer to the LSH, since he’s pretty fond of all things “country.” This has been a small bone of humorous contention throughout our marriage, since I’m most decidedly a suburban mall rat by upbringing. And we could use it to refer to our little town in Texas, although if you saw us play football at our local high school, you might think otherwise.

Today’s Word of the Week is heliacal. So here’s my attempt at a definition:

heliacal: (hi-ˈlī-ə-kəl) 1. of, or related to, a helix. 2. the mania that results from inhaling too much helium 3. the stress disorder common to flight attendants that greet too many airliner passengers

What’s your guess for heliacal? Submit it below (Some day I’m going to have to come up with a prize for correct definitions!) in the comment box.

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