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As God’s Scribe: Walk in the Wise Path…

“We never walk alone; you are always with me as I am with you. Yes, you may walk through the valley of death, but I  will be with you forever. Walk with me. Be with me. I am not scary. I am not unwise, as the many leaders of your country are unwise. Walk in the wise path.

I am the wise path that will keep your feet from faltering. Therefore, I say to you, ‘Heed my call. Seek me out. Find me in the darkness, and I  will  rescue you from that darkness.’ The willows wave and turn, yet their branches stay firmly attached to their trunks. Why?

So that they may receive nourishment from their source. I am your source. When the wind blows, flow with the storm but remain with me. I will provide you with never-ending nourishment for my name’s sake.”


As God’s Scribe: The Way Everlasting…

“The time has come for all good men and women to stand for the Truth, the Way Everlasting, without reserve or turmoil or strife. The day has come for all to repent of their sins so that they might come into my kingdom and be saved from a fate worse than death.

Yes, there is such a thing and one would be smart and wise to acknowledge it and acknowledge me as the Lord of his or her life. This is the Way Everlasting, the good life, the life supreme.

Be wary of those who tell you otherwise, for they long to be right and hope my people are wrong. They would rather die eternally than admit they have been mistaken about this. It is the ultimate folly and hubris to suggest the opposite.”


As God’s Scribe: The Work I Meant You to Do…

“It is mine to decide who will be with me in the coming years. It is not yours to decide. You must repent of your sins–your struggles–and give them to me completely.

You cannot use me or mold me into what you think is God. I am God. I will be who I will be and you cannot change that to suit your needs. Honestly? All humans have the wrong conception of me and how I work.

It is my delight to be with you, but you cannot manipulate me by being what you conceive as good. You can only do what is allowed in human terms and that will never be enough to be with me continually.

The one way to be with me continually is to repent–turn away from your sins and see how I almost instantly begin to change your thoughts and emotions. When you subject yourself to me, that’s when you’re truly free and able to do the work I meant you to do from the very beginning of time. After all, I created time and it bends and yields to my commands.”


As God’s Scribe: The Day Is Dawning…

“Be still, my children, be still. The day is dawning when all will not be still, so enjoy the stillness with me. The day is dawning when unrest will be ever present, when stillness cannot be found, so treasure the stillness while it may be found.

I am in the stillness. That is where you will find me and learn from me. That is where you will know me as I know you. Be still, my children, be still.”


As God’s Scribe: I May Pierce Your Heart…

“I am the Lord, your God, but I am also the Lord, your love, your one true love. Be still before me so that I may pierce your heart with my love for you, my goodness that I desire for you.

Be still before me and I will meet you there on the wings of a dove descending into your heart for I long to meet with you and share my truth with you. Do not be afraid of me, for I am with you to the end of the age and I mean you no harm. In fact I mean you only good.”


As God’s Scribe: Even in the Beginnning…

“Believe in the Lord, your God for I am worthy of your belief and trust in me. I do not harm my children. I gently lead them to the truth. I gently help them yield their lives that do not produce fruit, my fruit, the fruit of the Spirit and a world full of goodness and truth.

This is my Word and you would do well to believe in me for all time. I am worthy of your praise. I am worthy of your love. I am worthy of your trust in me.

Your Warrior…


Do not be deceived by the workings and mechanics of this world. This world does not belong to me right now; it belongs to the evil one, who seeks to destroy you and those you love for all time.

But I have redeemed you for my kingdom. I sent my son, Jesus, to be your warrior and to die for your sins–die in your place. That means no more death for you!


As God’s Scribe: In the Wee Hours of the Morning…

“I will be glorified for my name’s sake. I have glory and honor and power for now and through all eternity. I am the risen Christ, the savior of the world, who came to save you from all evil and all ill-intent.

Be not afraid for I will save you and keep you safe for all time. Seek me while I may be found; I long to be with you for my Father’s sake. We will have a joyous time together and precious communion with the Spirit.

I have much to teach you, my child, so gather yourself and meet me in the garden of my mind and yours, joined together for all eternity. I will meet you there to discuss what must be done in the coming days, the days of peril.

I will see you and protect you in those days. Fear not, for I am with you to the end of the age. Have you not seen how I love you? Are you dismayed with me? Do you see the goodness around you?

That is my doing because I love you without end. Be still before me, so I may come to you in the wee hours of the morning.”


As God’s Scribe: Isn’t Thomas’ Experience Enough?

“You believe in such foolishness, things that can easily be disproved by modern means. But there is no conclusive evidence that I did not rise from the dead as described by the words of my many witnesses.

Your bodies are not my temples, the places where I reside. Why would I not treasure my own body in the same way? Thus, it is important that you not only believe in my death for your sins, but also my physical resurrection.

God the Father created your bodies in His image; why would he leave my body and your body behind in the new life prepared for us by Him? Isn’t Thomas’ experience enough to convince you that I physically rose from the dead?

Do you not believe that Roman soldiers know well how to crucify my body and kill me? To believe I wasn’t crucified and arose is far harder than believing in your other ludicrous theories.

You make fun of my people for believing in this truth, but one day you will be the one ridiculed and I will exalt all those who clung to this truth. This miracle of mine will also be yours if you just believe in me and my first Earthly story. I did it precisely for that reason–to embrace you in Heaven one day.”


As God’s Scribe: Call Out to Me…

“I am the Lord, your God. I call out to you and pray you will also call out to me. For I long to hear your voice and I long to comfort you no matter what life brings your way.”


As God’s Scribe: To Reconcile All to Me…

“I am the Lord, your God and I love you all. Do not mistake my patience with you: it is there to reconcile all to me, for all of you are my beloved children. But the day will come when my patience ends. That will not be a good day for those who won’t seek me.

Thus, help your neighbors fine me. Seek me yourselves and I will meet you there, in the stillness of your prayers. Let the silence be. Embrace your anxiety about the stillness. Your lives are so full of hustle and bustle because the quiet disquiets you. Practice stillness until stillness is your practice.”