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The 12 Days of MIP 2014: 6 & 5…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Sorry that this post is most decidedly late, but the hubby and I have been on a short vacay to an area with sketchy (at best) web signal and those around me needed the connection much more desperately than this ol’ blogger! Today we continue The 12 Days of MIP 2014 with the Number 6 and Number 5 of my favorite posts of the year:

Number 6 is all about living with my hubby and his unusual occupation. While he travels 15 states for his company on a regular basis, he spends most of his time discussing the south end of a northbound cow. Go here to understand what this meant for me.

Number 5 is also about things I’ve learned (or probably NOT learned) from a NEW endeavor in my life: Go here to find out just how rapidly my brain is deteriorating.

Friday’s Post: # 4 and # 3

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Things I Love About the Man I Married…

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The hubby’s birthday is in a few days and while some of you may remember this note from FB last year, he hasn’t had the chance to see it himself. (He chooses not to be on FB, which would probably be his only fault.) Here’s what I wrote last year: 

Since I have already written lessons I have learned from the hubby last year at this time, I have decided, after spending 12 non-stop days with said hubby (on a vacation to wonderful Alaska) that I should add to the reasons why I’ve decided that spending eternity with this guy is an okay thing to do.  You see, I have not spent 12 days straight with the hubby since before he started working for his present company in 1983.  But, while we make this work and actually work well, we are never really apart.  He calls me every night when he’s away and that started when we were dating. And that leads me to Number 1 and Number 2…

1. He has his priorities straight.  The hubby and I started dating when he was the student manager of the Purdue University dairy.  That meant many potential date nights had to take place at the dairy, because he was “on duty.”  And somehow he made going to that dairy fun and interesting.  One night we were leaning on the fence and enjoying a wonderful Indiana country sunset and one cow came up to the fence to have my hubby scratch her nose.  His comment, “How can you not believe in God when you look at this sunset and this cow?  Both are an engineering and artistic miracle.”  I think I fell in love with him for the first time in that moment. God has always been at the top of his list for all we have done, even though adhering to that was not easy for him.  He even made the DSL promise that our future grandchildren be raised in the faith.  That’s my man.

2. I am next on his priority list.  Despite his hectic schedule and the financial demands of a mortgage, 4 college educations, endless lessons and league fees, etc., the hubby would rather spend his free time and extra cash on me…to a fault.  He very much spoils me rotten.  When I tell him he has spoiled me, he says, “That’s the way I want it.”

3. The kids (and yes, this now includes the DSL) are next after me. Do not get me wrong: If you are my hubby’s kid, I have pity for you, because he refuses to have anything other than the very best from his children in all that they do. If you are told to mow the grass, you’d better mow it with a vengeance! But, that’s just because he demands this of himself.  Let me be clear:  He knows he’s far from perfect and he does not expect perfection from his children, but if he suspects you slacked, you are in big trouble! On the flip side, he would give every one of his “kids” the shirt off his back. If you are his friend or “adopted,” then you can pretty much expect the same. Yes, the hubby has his own set of “adopteds.”

4. He’s ambitious.  I prefer “achievement-oriented.” His visions for the future are as big as the state he lives in.  And there is always a future in his mind.  Example:  I marry him and 4 seconds later he wants to buy a $ 3 million dairy farm. Fortunately, he referred to # 2, saw the petrified look on my face and decided against it. But, that’s my honey. Everything is a big idea!  What’s even more scary is that he usually executes these big ideas ahead of schedule.

5. I can have big eyes for a fabulous dinner menu and never worry about finishing my dinner. Hubby to the Rescue!

6. He’s good at just about everything he does. It’s just fun to watch him try new things.  However, I will always be better at yoga than he.  Unfortunately for me, he. Does. Not. Care. Grr.

7. He can cook and he likes it.  This is essential for one who can cook and does not like it.  And yet, he graciously allows me to make all my comfort foods at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I particularly like that he makes semi-homemade pancakes for his kids almost every Saturday morning along with omelets and bacon/sausage.  They think he’s the only one who can do so.  🙂

8. He gives back to the community.  If there is a worthy cause, Bruce will do what he can to help out.  You may not always know that he helped, but he probably did. He really does not want the accolades, particularly if he’s doing it for the church, but he’s there when you need him.

9. He seldom misses the big moments in his kids’ lives. Even though he manages almost 1/3 of the U.S. for his company, he works his schedule so that he can be there as much as humanly possible.

10. He’s passionate and enthusiastic.  If he does it, if he experiences it, if he supports it, it’s to the nth degree.  There’s seldom a question about how he feels about something, good, bad or indifferent.  He has more energy in his pinkie (even now) than I have in my entire body…on a good day…a really good day.

11. He’s concerned about his country, his world, and his company.  I’ve seen him forego things that would easily benefit him to take care of someone else a world away, just because it’s the right thing to do and promotes goodness long-term. I wouldn’t argue with him on politics and right and wrong. You’ll lose…trust me.

Are there things about the hubby that drive me crazy?  Absolutely.  In fact, I have a rather lengthy list.  But, would I gladly live with these things to enjoy the “ride” with him and all of the stuff listed above all over again?  Yes, indeedy.  Time and time again, despite his imperfections, he has proven he understands agape love.  I want to grow up someday and be the female version of him.

Happy Birthday, my love!  Enjoy another year of extreme awesomeness!  You deserve it. Oh…and Happy Birthday to his lovely sis and nephew, who happen to have birthdays today!

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