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As God’s Scribe: I Adore Play…


“Do not deceive yourselves about the ways of this world. They are largely evil and must be stopped by the godly. But do not misunderstand me. Pointing fingers at others only means four more are pointing back at you.

Instead, lovingly show them a better way through your own actions of kindness, and hospitality, and politeness. The day is coming when I will return, and I hope to return finding you doing good things for others as a blazing, searing light to those who do not yet know me and yield to me.

Will You Be a Part of the Plan?


They are largely hurting because evil and wickedness has been done to them without end. They suffer because I am not with them in this pain, and thus, they cannot heal. They then inflict harm on even more people. Please, please, please understand this about them.

We must take them back from the Evil One. It is that important to all things and all people being reconciled to me for all eternity. Will you be a part of the plan, or will you thwart my plan with your own unyielded thoughts?