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As God’s Scribe: In the Middle of the Day…

“I will meet you where you are, my child. You do not need to worry about tomorrow for I am coming to find you in the middle of the day. Seek me and I will answer for I long to speak to you, not as others do, but in my own way.

Listen, for I am calling you to me for all time. The day is dawning when newness and comfort from me will abound in your life. Do you not see it? Do you not hear it? For I am the Lord your God and I will rejoice when you call my name. Do you hear this?

For All People


I will rejoice when you call out to me because the day is coming soon when you will need my intimate instruction and will need my voice to guide you. It is not something I only bestow on ‘special people.’ It is for all times and all seasons and all people.