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The Real Winner…

Indy Car engine


Let’s buy out the store
For snacks galore
And we’ll need plenty of ice
To cool drinks down really nice.

And we need checkered hats
Along with programs full of stats
And plenty of sunscreen
In case the heat is really mean.

We’ll need lightweight clothing
To keep us from sunny loathing
And then primo parking
For when our feet are barking.

Then it’s time for souvenirs
Gee, I hope my check clears
For they’re not too cheap
Even if bought off the back of a jeep.

Then, we find our nifty seats
And get out our edible treats
And divvy up names
As if we’re playing high-stakes games.

Soon, the call is given
“Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines”
And the pace car starts down the lane
Much to the impatient racers’ pain.

And then that flag is waved
And drivers fly down all that’s paved
In hopes of being the first
Or at least not being the worst.

But, whoever gets the flowers
And whoever avoids the sparking showers
The real race winner all alone
Is the first fan who reaches the garage at home.


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