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Word of the Week: refulgence

Book Club: Once again, a book comes into my life right when I need it! Have you started reading Unstoppable by Christine Caine? Click here for more details.

Compassion Counseling Center Update: We had our first fundraiser for Compassion this past Saturday and it was a lot of fun. If you wished you could attend, but didn’t, there is still time to participate! Debbie Noel will allow all of us to buy gifts for our family and friends until December 10th (and yes, they can be sent directly to your gift recipient in time for Christmas!) and give her commission and 15% of the sales to Compassion! In addition, she is offering great bargains to all participants. Debbie fought off the flu to make fabulous food and fun for all who attended. Please at least visit here to see the products she offers. Thanks!

Fast Five: I will be posting about the final short book of the Bible–Jude. (Why does a Beatles song always “play” in my head when I see that name???)

Howdy, Word Lovers! One of the counselors-in-training for Compassion Counseling Center said she looked up malversation last week and that I was really close on my 3rd definition guess. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition: misbehavior and especially corruption in an office, trust, or commission or corrupt administration. Since my 3rd guess was “a discussion between Congress and President Obama,” I’m putting this in my “win” column on Word of the Week.

This week’s WOW (Word of the Week) is refulgence. Here are my guesses for refulgence:

refulgence (ri-ˈfl-jən(t)s) 1. the gastric response to too many refills 2. reefer indulgence 3. the lovely smell that remains on your hands when you overfill your car gas tank at the gas station

What’s your guess for refulgence? Go here to submit your guess.

Wednesday’s Post: Hey, Jude

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Word of the Week: adscititious

Dictionary --Word of the Week

Book Club: Are you Unstoppable? No? Well, let’s work on that. Go here for the details!

Compassion Counseling Center Update: Our web site is up! Go here to see it!  The DSL (who created this web site) created Compassion’s site. I’m impressed. How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Word Lovers! (I figure if stores can have “Black Friday Week” that’s really a day, we can have a week of giving thanks, right???) Last week’s WOW (Word of the Week) was infix. No one knew this one! So, let’s consult Merriam-Webster for a little help. There are actually 3 definitions for infix: to fasten or fix by piercing or thrusting in; to impress firmly in the consciousness or disposition; and to insert (as a sound or letter) as an infix.

I would like to state, for the record, that my last definition guess (last week) was kinda close. Why? Because it almost never is. So there.


Word of the Week: opusculum

Book Club Fans: I’m reading about silencing my mind today in TwirlThat will happen when someone clunks me over the head with a hammer.

Fast 5 Topic for this Week: We’ve figured out why Philemon probably did what Paul asked him to do. Now, it’s on to hear John, the beloved apostle in 2nd John. No, not the gospel of John at the beginning of the New Testament…2nd John…towards the end of the New Testament.

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Howdy, Word Fans! Last week’s word was knackered. I had a sneaky suspicion someone was going to know this word and actually two family members both got this one right. Merriam-Webster officially defines it as: tired or exhausted. This is a British expression, so I guess the relatives spent a week in London recently when I wasn’t looking. What is even more interesting is that knacker is a noun and has little to do with knackered. Go figure. 


Word of the Week: knackered

Book ClubI’m right where I should be in Twirl by Patsy Clairmont. How far have you read?

Fast 5 Update: The offspring knew that Onesimus was a runaway slave of Philemon’s when they were children. Find out why on Wednesday.

My Favorite ThingsFind out what else makes life easier for me this coming Friday!

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Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was hegira. Merriam-Webster Online says that hegira means: a journey especially when undertaken to escape from a dangerous or undesirable situation. Since we’re celebrating thankfulness in November, I am thankful that I don’t usually have to take hegiras these days!

This week’s WOW is knackered. I get my list of WOW words from Merriam-Webster Online by looking at their list of past Words of the Day.