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Trinity’s Tales: Her…

I think there was a dog at my human home before I got here. I thought maybe the dog was still here, but I have looked for that dog everywhere, using my best sniffing, and can’t find that food-stealing dog anywhere.

But here’s why I think she might still be here–When I’m not looking, my food disappears each night and doesn’t return until morning. So that dog has to be taking it when I’m asleep. I don’t know how that dog goes without sleep, but since my human mommy and daddy are asleep at the same time, I know it has to be that sneaky, daytime-sleeping dog.

I think the dog is a female because once in a while, the human mommy and daddy call me “Maizie.” And they get mad if I don’t answer to that name. I don’t know why they do that, but they usually apologize and call me Trinity or Trin and pet my head afterwards.


Maizie’s Musings: A Word from the Mom Person…

I am busy taking a nap today, so I’m going to let the Mom person have access to MY keyboard just this once. If I’m not satisfied with what she writes, I’m taking it away from her.

Dear Maizie Fans:

Our family has learned some sad news. Maizie has cancer.

She has had several benign growths removed recently, but the last one was malignant and she has other lumps on various parts of her body. We have elected to let nature take its course.

While we could pursue treatment for her, it’s costly and doesn’t have a great success rate. Maizie has handled the multiple surgeries well, but since she’s been such a great dog, we can’t bear to subject her to the difficulties that normally ensue from cancer treatment.

She is still a happy girl and often gives us her “cute puppy looks” when it’s playtime. She still jumps up and down when one of her favorite people arrives. She can’t wait to jump into the “big water bowls” when she gets a chance. She is eating pretty normally and still fond of chewing on bones.


Maizie’s Musings: Endless Water…

As you may have deduced, I drink a lot of water. Especially in the summertime. I seem to need a lot of water right after I come in from protecting my yard from the winged invaders. Quite obviously, it takes a lot of energy to ensure my people and my yard are safe from these vermin. That’s why I need the water after I come inside.

The Mom person can take a long time to refill my water bowl. I don’t understand why this is. She goes by it several times a day–the woman must be brain damaged.

But, I don’t seem to have to worry about that these days! The Mom person got me a new water bowl–it’s rather enormous and has this big bubble-like thing at the back of it.

I don’t know how the Mom person does this, but the water bowl never seems to run out of water anymore. No matter how much I drink, the water bowl stays full! It must be magic. 


Maizie’s Musings: Food Strike…

The Mom person and I do not exactly agree on my food. I will grant you that she buys me tasty food, but she and I don’t see eye to eye on the matter of how empty my bowl should be before she refills it. Doesn’t she know that it’s my food and thus, I should control when it gets refilled?

She maintains that it should be really empty–absolutely no food in the bowl, no matter how long and how stale it gets. I espouse the “sniff test method” and if I think it’s past its expiration date, I’m not eating it. Besides, the last few morsels are usually pretty difficult for me to get to, since the ornery little suckers move to the outside of my bowl where it’s hard for me to get my rather large, lumpy nose and mouth positioned so that I can eat it.


Maizie’s Musings: Lumps…

I’m getting lumpy. Seriously lumpy. I have lumps on my nose, my legs and my torso. This does not exactly make me jump for frisbees, folks.

One got so big that the Mom person made me go to the place where they often stick me. The people are nice enough…I’m just not wild about what goes on there. There are weird smells and I have to heel and I just want to get out of there as fast as I can before they can stick me again.

The last time I went I not only got “stuck,” but I had to spend an entire night there! It was the longest night of my life. There were all kinds of dogs there, barking and whining. We were all together in one big room and we had to eat weird dog food and drink weird water.

And I don’t even know how I got there. One minute they were sticking me and the next minute I was in that room with all the other dogs and I had a wowie-owie on my leg. They wouldn’t even let me lick it to make it feel better…it had this weird kind of meshy fur all around it.


Maizie’s Musings: New Water Bowl!

It’s been a long time since I played in the Big Water Bowl. Honestly, I had begun to wonder if I had done something wrong while there the last time. When the Mom person leaves with those ominous suitcases and bags, she gets angry if I hop in the back of the thing with the  round legs.

But, today I got to go with her and the Dad person both! And when I was whimpering, as usual, once we got inside the green metal gates, I noticed that there was a NEW big water bowl. I say, big only because my regular water bowls are very small by comparison.

However, this is a bit of a misnomer (Yes, I know the word misnomer, because I live with very brainy people.) since this big water bowl is much smaller than the old big water bowl. The new water bowl is in front of the gray house with the big back porch (great for naps on a warm afternoon, by the way) instead of near the big back porch.


Maizie’s Musings: 10…

I complained to the Mom person about not being allowed on her laptop. She said I wasn’t allowed on it because I shed too much and she’s writing yet another paper for some certification she’s working on. (PLEASE–do not give her any other ideas about getting more certifications…whatever those are…I don’t get my head scratched nearly as much when she’s getting one.)

The only papers I have ever cared about were the ones they let me use when I was a pup. Even then, I was sequestered to the cold tile floors of the house. NOT my idea of fun. I used to pout about it, but it never seemed to get me released from paper-and-tile-land. They did let me on a warmer floor when they realized I had chewed all the furniture legs in paper-and-tile-land.

But, according to some other papers (According to the Mom person, these papers cost a lot of money and have something to do with a Kennel Association. I don’t get how dog kennels get together or even why they get together, but apparently these kennels have a lot to talk about.) I am about to have a rather monumental birthday.


Maizie’s Musings: I Went; They Left…


When the Mom person gets out my leash, I get very excited. The Mom person only gets out the leash if I’m going somewhere in that car thing. She did just that not too long ago and I could barely sit still as she opened the door and then let me get in the back seat of the car thing.

She didn’t open the big window in the roof of the car thing and that disappointed me. I like putting my head out that window and watching the world from a higher vantage point. The people in the other car things are always laughing and pointing their paws at our car thing as I do this. I don’t understand why.

She actually had the audacity to make me lay down on the back seat this time. What up with that? If I got up to look out the side windows, she made me lay down again and got angry if I didn’t! Doesn’t she know that I’m in charge?


Maizie’s Musings: Furless Fur…

Dog of Steel

Courtesy of

Those loud booms are back again. This does not make me happy. And they aren’t going away.

When the booms come, I start panting and shaking and I can’t seem to stop. I even went to my usual cave, but couldn’t stop panting. One morning the Mom person noticed that I was panting even when laying down in my cave. She must have been concerned about it because she got her furless fur on before noon (Trust me–this is unusual for her.) and left the house.

I was not wild about her being gone while the booms were going off, but when she came back, she had something for me! I’m not sure what this gizmo is supposed to be, but it resembles some of the Mom person’s furless furs.

She wrapped one part around my neck and then wrapped the rest around my middle parts. The funniest thing happened after she did that–I stopped panting! I even decided, reluctantly, to stay by her while she typed on her laptop. I was still worried the booms could get me, but as long as the Mom person was nearby, I could handle it.

When I go outside, she takes it off. I definitely do not understand that! That is where the booms are loudest and the wet stuff comes from the sky. That’s when I needed that furless fur the most! But off it comes! It doesn’t seem to matter what I think. The only good news about going outside when the booms are going off is that I get a treat afterwards.

The good news is that if I start panting or shaking, she puts the furless fur on me again and I feel better. Sometimes I still go into my cave, because I’m not quite sure how a furless fur protects me from the booms, but I’m starting to think of it as my Super Dog cape.

I wonder if I can fly in my Super Dog cape. Hmmm…..I may have to try that from the Mom person’s bed when she’s not around. Remind me to put goggles on her shopping list.

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Maizie’s Musings: The Suitcase

sad dog

I’m always happy to see Friday roll around and not because the Mom person lets me type on her laptop. It’s usually the day I get to see the Dad person.

The Dad person goes away a lot. And that makes me sad because he is my meat and cheese connection. A dog must have ample meat and cheese. It’s a rule.

Well, it’s a rule for me. And I make the rules. Shhhhhhhh. Don’t tell the Mom or Dad person. They still think they run the show.

I can tell exactly when the Dad person is going away. He gets out this big blue (Yes, I see colors. I’m a special dog.) suitcase. The suitcase is so big that it needs these weird round paws that roll along the floor. I need to ask the Mom person if I can get round paws because I’m kinda big myself. It must be that boring dog food that I’m forced to eat when the Dad person is away.

He puts it on my favorite sleeping spot and opens it up and starts putting his fur coverings in there. At least I think they’re fur coverings. They don’t fall out like my fur and he can take his fur coverings on and off. Now that I think about it, the Mom person has stuff like that, too.

He has a lot of fur coverings. How many does 1 human need???

Anyway I don’t like it when the fur coverings go in and he closes up the suitcase and puts it by the back door. Sometimes I lay down in front of the door to keep him from leaving, but he makes me move. So, my next line of defense is to sit in the doorway of that room where the fur coverings go when they get dirty and just look as pathetic as I can absolutely look.

I lower my head down as far as I can and give the Dad person this really worried look. Apparently, I need to work on this look because he leaves anyway. Sometimes he even takes the Mom person with him! However, it does usually get me a pat on the head and some scratching behind my ears. That’s my zen place.

The only good news about this is that when they both go away, these really cool humans come by to visit me. They play with me, feed me the boring dog food, and give me water. Two of them give me a new bone each time they come to visit! Some of them even sit on the back porch and pet me for a while. They even scratch in the Zen zone.

Okay. So maybe I can do without the Mom and Dad person.

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