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Word of the Week: nascent

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My family is just too smart. The DD says that canorous (the Word of the Week for last week) means melodious. And she would be absolutely accurate. She said she learned the word while studying for her GRE exam. So glad to know that the hefty amount of cash I laid out for GRE studying materials paid off. But, apparently, the stuff I used to prepare to take MY GRE exam was not as useful. Hmmm…do you think I can get a refund???

Today the Word of the Week is nascent. Here are my un-GRE-like attempts at determining the meaning for nascent:

nascent: (na-sənt) 1. the smell of a horse. 2. the rather nasty odor coming from a navy midshipman. 3. the amount of money an investor has left after investing in stocks listed as part of the NASDAQ.

So, what’s your guess for the nascent? Submit below!

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