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Slow Reader Friday: The Early to Rise Experience

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If you’ve been reading my recent Wednesday and Friday posts, then you know that I’ve been reading The Early to Rise Experience by Andy Traub. I’ve been rather vocal about my night owl tendencies and have thought that there was really no way around my crazy body clock that wants to begin working at about 10 am (at the earliest–I’d really prefer noon!) and finish my work day around 7 pm. I could honestly be productive at home until midnight, too.

Unfortunately, this belief about myself has me at odds with the rest of the American citizenry. And since I’m not Zuckerberg, Obama, or Tom Hanks, I’m not likely to significantly change that fact about the American work ethic any time soon.

I would like to tell you that I used to be a morning person and then I went to college. Unfortunately, my mother was very fond of recounting that I kept her up late into the night playing happily when I was a mere toddler. 


Early to Rise Experience Day 1…


If you’re a true MIP blogstalker, you know that I select a book each month and then review it at the end of the month. I even give you my “reading plan” for how I intend to conquer the entirety of that book so you can join in. This might be one worth joining in on, even if you only do it just to watch me squirm and understand why I’m squirming. Go here to join in.

Why am I squirming? Because this book, The Early to Rise Experienceis demanding that I get up ridiculously early. My serious MIP blogstalkers also know that I am anything but an early “riser.” In fact I adore my night owl tendencies. But, I do admit that being such is at odds with the operation of rest of the world. And thus, it can cause me lots of difficulty. So, I’m going to try to be a good girl and try to overcome this tendency of mine. I’m NOT optimistic that this will stick for life, but I thought you might find it entertaining to watch me squirm.