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Things I’m Not Thankful for, Part I…

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day

It has become a recent trend on FB to post 30 things/people/conditions/situations that one is thankful to have…one for each day of November. I have participated in this trend in years past. Indeed, if one lives in America (even if you can’t afford Obamacare), there is much reason to give thanks. We are still one of the wealthiest countries in the world with the most freedoms. We can worship the deity we wish to worship. We can choose our own profession. We get at least a basic education unlike the majority of the world.

But, there ARE some things I honestly have difficulty perceiving as a blessing. So, in November I elect (since it’s also a month that usually features an election) to share the things that are not at the top of my thankful list:

1. IV needles – These rather large nasty objects always hurt, no matter how much I pray, visualize, breathe or otherwise try to deal with them being attached to my body. Can we just ship these to D.C. every time politicians want to shut down the government?

2. Self-inflicted pain – I can tolerate other people torturing me; I just don’t seem to enjoy torturing myself. This particularly applies to stomach injections that produce quarter-sized multi-colored bruises. But, I have managed to bruise myself merely by walking forward…into an obvious wall. And I seem to make a habit of this. Does this mean I’m subconsciously sado-masochistic?

3. Dust – Why is it that when I can’t see dust in the air, I can see it all too well on my furniture??? And since my home is pretty loaded with horizontal surfaces, I loathe having to dust every single one of them. If they make affordable dusting robots, I will be first in line for one. Would you call a dusting robot a robust??? You can stop groaning now.

4. Arthritis – At the exact time in my life when I probably need to be more active, my body vehemently protests this with pain that will wake the dead each time I move one centimeter. Unfortunately, the only thing that really works on lessening this pain is 2 centimeters of moving…every second of every day.

5. Cloudy days with no rain – About the only good thing a cloudy day yields is less need for SPF 100 sunscreen. Either rain or get sunny again. I think this is the “fish or cut bait” advice. Can you give advice to the weather??? Hmmm….

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The Odd Days of November…



Book Club Readers: Today we are starting to read Undaunted today! It’s not too late to jump in with us and read! Go here for more details.

Warning: Get your favorite beverage first.

In October 2013 I focused a lot of my posts on the very serious topic of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This got me to wondering what would be the official focus of the month of November. According to, here’s some of what we’re celebrating other than Veterans Day and Thanksgiving:

  • International Drum Month (Two guys at my house will be happy. That’s how dull we are.)
  • Peanut Butter Lovers Month (I can eat Reese’s all month, right?)
  • Real Jewelry Month (As opposed to “Imaginary Jewelry Month”?)
  • National Sleep Comfort Month (I smell a Communist plot here.)


But, it doesn’t stop there. There are some very odd things to celebrate on several of the days in November:

  • November 2nd – Deviled Egg Day (An adopted and my daughter probably honor this day.)
  • November 2nd – Look for Circles Day (I can probably find some under my eyes.)
  • November 4th – King Tut Day (I feel a Steve Martin song coming on.)
  • November 6th – Marooned without a Compass Day (Forgot to get the free compass app?)
  • November 8th – Dunce Day (I thought this was Election Day.)
  • November 9th – Chaos Never Dies Day (Probably because we continue to elect dunces.)
  • November 15th – Clean Your Refrigerator Day (For turkey leftovers later in the month?)
  • November 16th – Button Day (I wonder when Zipper Day is.)
  • November 16th – Have a Party with Your Bear Day (as opposed to partying with your lion)
  • November 19th – Have a Bad Day Day (Because we elected dunces and wore their buttons.)
  • November 20th – Absurdity Day (Did we need this after November 19th?)
  • November 21st – False Confession Day (Mob bosses are cross-examinied on this day, right?)
  • November 26th – Shopping Reminder Day (We need a reminder in America in November?)
  • November 28th – Make Your Own Head Day (Two heads are always better than one.)
  • November 28th – Red Planet Day (Lose your head in a Martian Invasion? You have a spare now?)
  • November 29th – Buy Nothing Day (I doubt this day was conceived by Wal-mart.)


Now, there are some really useful “holidays” in November, so may I suggest that you actually do something to honor the following:

  • November 1st (today) – All Saints Day (Remember those who went to Heaven this past year.)
  • November 2nd – Book Lovers Day (Read a book you love or read the MIP November Book!)
  • November 3rd – Sandwich Day (Fix yourself a really awesome sandwich this Sunday.)
  • November 7th – Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day (An excuse to pig out, right?)
  • November 8th – Cook Something Bold Day (In Texas this usually involves jalapenos.)
  • November 12th – Young Readers Day (Read to a young reader or donate a children’s book.)
  • November 13th – World Kindness Day (Do something kind in “stealth mode.”)
  • November 14th – Operating Room Nurse Day (Honor your favorite nurses on this day!)
  • November 15th – America Recycles Day (Recycle what you found in your refrigerator on 11/15?)
  • November 17th – Electronic Greeting Card Day (Wish a Happy Thanksgiving electronically!)
  • November 17th – Homemade Bread Day (Any questions?)
  • November 17th – Take a Hike Day (Use halftime to take an actual walk outside.)
  • November 20th – Children’s Day (Spend the day with kids or give to a children’s charity.)
  • November 21st – Hello Day (Say “hello” to a stranger today and smile.)
  • November 22nd – Go for a Ride Day (Dust off the bike and pedal.)
  • November 23rd – National Adoption Day (Do something nice for adoptive parents today.)
  • November 29th – You’re Welcome Day (Do something that gives you an opportunity to say this.)


November also celebrates:

  • Child Safety Protection Month (What can you do to ensure the safety of children?)
  • National Adoption Awareness Month (Share adoption links on your favorite social site.)
  • National Novel Writing Month (I’ll be writing at least 2 pages of my novel each day this month.)
  • Native American Heritage Month (Celebrate the group that welcomed the pilgrims to America!)


In addition, a friend and my daughter are all doing the 30 Day Plank Challenge (as in the exercise…not a piece of wood.) Care to join us? Click here.

Got enough to work on, celebrate or honor yet? Let’s put some “good” out into the world this month as we celebrate how blessed we are as a people. Happy November!

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