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YOUR Top 10 of MIP 2014: 10 & 9

Late this month, MIP will mark its 2nd birthday! This poor blog has had its ups and downs, thanks to me having 2 heart attacks and a brother having, and dying from cancer. Add to that a blogger on a mission to start a non-profit counseling center in her little town and MIP has definitely suffered! I’d like to promise my MIP-stalkers that it’s going to improve in 2015, but that’s making too many assumptions of a God with a very weird agenda for an aging woman in central Texas. So, I put this little blog in His hands and hope you will continue to find this blog as needed.

Last month I described my favorite posts from 2014 that didn’t garner the most viewership. But now, I’d like to disclose your favorite posts of 2014, so here goes!

Number 10 is definitely a favorite of my offspring! Why? Because the chart depicted in the post is so very true of my eldest son, darling daughter and youngest son!  It’s as if they had my 3 in mind when they depicted the characteristics of children based on birth order. In addition my entire family laughed (Okay, so maybe they only chuckled.) when I described how the world would look if my 3 ran the world. Need a smile today? Re-read this.

Number 9 was part of a series I did way back last January regarding trying to keep New Year’s Resolutions. This part featured Backwards Planning…the mantra of my often disorganized life that is the result of some really stubborn behavior on my part. If you, too, have some difficulty in this area, it may help to re-read this one here.

Monday’s Post: Two of you think you know what that WOW means. How about you?

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