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Maizie’s Musings: Road Trip…


The mom person wouldn’t let me on her laptop last week. She even took it with her while she was gone for a long time just to make sure I didn’t type anything on it.

I don’t know why. She’s just weird.

Because of her weirdness, I was forced to wait until now to tell you about my road trip in the thing with the round paws. We were in it for a really long time and the mom and dad person went with me. I had fun looking out the windows, but the mom and dad person wouldn’t open the top thing so I could put my head out and really survey everything.

Because of their lack of cooperation, I took a long nap out of sheer boredom. But a couple of times the mom and dad person gave me treats from a bag they got from people hanging out a window. Shhhh….don’t tell the animal doctor.


Maizie’s Musings: Paw Massages


Rrrrrrrrrrrrruff! How are my readers? Yes, you are my readers. The mom person just hasn’t figured out this obvious reality yet. She’s just weird.

Because I am Queen of the Canine Universe, I am entitled to paw massages. (The people tell me that entitlement is common in America, therefore, I am certain that canine queens deserve paw massages.) What is a paw massage?

When I sit down beside my people, I lift up my paw to them. My people know that when I do this, they are to rub all parts of my paw (top and bottom, inside and out), thoroughly. By thoroughly I mean for about 5 hours. Sometimes I re-position my corresponding leg to receive leg massages, too, but I’m fonder of paw massages. Other people shake my paw up and down and I have no earthly idea why.


Maizie’s Musings: My Favorite Bed

Dog on bed

The people in my abode have given me a pretty comfy bed that is finally big enough for my entire dogginess. Before the new bed I had to curl up into a tiny ball and that is not exactly easy for my entire dogginess. While I love my bed, it’s not my favorite.

Shhhhhhhh….this is a secret, but when the people leave my abode, I hop up on the mom and dad persons’ bed. Now that is one comfy bed! It perfectly conforms to my entire dogginess and I can stretch out all I want. There is even room for all those canines I mentioned last week. However, if they got on my favorite bed, I would be getting off. Immediately.

The mom person says their bed is a Tempur-pedic. I prefer Tempur-perfect. The only difficulty with sleeping on my favorite bed is that I often take a nap there since it’s so comfy. If I fall asleep too well, then my sneaky human family can enter the abode before I jump off the Tempur-perfect. If this happens, I get in trouble, big-time and my canine bed gets put on a very drafty back porch.