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Word of the Week: fatidic

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Howdy, Word Lovers! Last week’s WOW was eolian. Merriam-Webster Online reports that eolian is: borne, deposited, produced, or eroded by the wind. Could it be that Texan bravado is eolian???? It sure is windy enough here for one to consider it as a theory.

Today’s WOW is fatidic. Here are my definition guesses for fatidic:

fatidic (fā-ˈti-dik, fə-) 1. being allergic to fat (If this is the definition, please let me become fatidic immediately.) 2. the acidity of fat 3. being psychic

What’s your guess for fatidic? Submit it here.

Wednesday’s Post: Watch Thoughts

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Word of the Week: chatoyant

Book Club Update: The MIP April 2015 Book Club Selection is up. Go here for all the details.

Compassion Update: Today is the quarterly meeting for the Compassion Board. As of this writing, we have completed 65 hours of counseling with 20 hours already scheduled for this coming week. We have counseled 35 people to date. We have 6 people signed up for the premarital counseling group beginning in mid-April. Two other groups may start in the next few months as well. The average cost per counseling session is $ 13.83. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers and contributions to Compassion, a nonprofit counseling center!

Good morning, Word Lovers! Last week’s WOW was nonage. Merriam-Webster Online defines nonage as minority or a period of youth or a lack of maturity. Nonage pretty much describes me every day. Maturity is optional, right?

Today’s WOW is chatoyant. Here are my definition guesses for chatoyant:

chatoyant (shə-ˈti-ənt) 1. a person who chats about toys 2. a person obsessed with cat toys 3. a person who can see chateaus before they’re built

What’s your guess for chatoyant? Go here to submit a guess.

Wednesday’s Post: Your guess is as good as mine!

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Word of the Week: nonage

It’s a little difficult to do your WOW post when there’s no internet service at your house. I had to remind myself how to do things without wifi yesterday. When your memory is already sketchy, retrieving information from the early 1970s gives me one large pain in my neck and head.

To add insult to injury, it was once again time for me to come up with a new list of words I don’t know. Merriam-Webster Online recently got a face lift and of course, it’s now a lot harder to find their Word of the Day Archives that I use for this purpose. Argh.

I probably should address my tendency towards procrastination. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

Anyway, you have my apologies for not posting “normally”. Here’s a very belated WOW post:

Last week’s WOW was chinoiserie. Merriam-Webster says chinoiserie means: a style in art (as in decoration) reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs; also:  an object or decoration in this style. So, one of my guesses was getting close to the correct meaning! Woohoo!

This week’s WOW is nonage. Here are my guesses for nonage:

nonage: (ˈnä-nij, ˈnō-) 1. when Vonage has no cell signal 2. what MaryAnn would like to do in her old age physically 3. that which contributes to nothingness (what?!)

What’s your guess for nonage? Go here to tell me!

Wednesday’s Post: Is there any benefit to a night owl getting up earlier?

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Word of the Week: plastron

Book Club: I’m starting the Early to Rise Experience, aka MaryAnn’s worst nightmare. Want to find out why she’s squirming? Go here.

Howdy, Word Nerds! Last week’s WOW was mimesis. Merriam-Webster Online says that mimesis means imitation or mimicry. That makes sense since the word mime is a part of the word!

This week’s WOW is plastron. Here are my guesses for plastron:

plastron (ˈplas-trən) 1. a superhero made of plastic (Can he be in the next Fantastic Four movie? Maybe the Fantastic Five? 2. a plasma electron 3. a protoplasm computer game

What’s your guess for plastron? Go here to submit your guess.

Wednesday’s Post: Double Nickels…

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Word of the Week: mimesis

Book ClubThe March 2015 MIP Book Club Selection must mean I’m a masochist. See why.

Good morning, Word Lovers! Last week’s WOW was abecedarian. Merriam-Webster Online says that it means: one learning the rudiments of something (as the alphabet). I am probably an abecedarian about more things than I care to admit. Exhibit A: I’m typing this while on a plane, which means I have to learn the rudiments of gogoinflight. Let’s just say I’ll probably be an abecedarian about that for more than one flight.

This week’s WOW is memesis. This sounds very sciencey to me. What? You don’t think sciencey is a word? I’m using it anyway. Since science wasn’t exactly my strong suit in school, this should be entertaining for Readerland. Here are my very unscientific guesses for mimesis:

mimesis (\mə-ˈmē-səs, mī-)  1. the biological process which occurs when I sing a do-re-mi scale too early in the morning. 2. what happens to MaryAnn when she drinks a mimosa without a straw. 3. when I become my own nemesis

What are your guesses for mimesis? Go here to tell me how wrong I am.

Wednesday’s Post: Word of the Day

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Word of the Week: abecedarian

Good morning, Word Lovers! Last week’s WOW was zeitgeber. This word intrigued a bunch of you! Unfortunately, no one successfully guessed the definition. Merriam-Webster says that zeitgeber is: an environmental agent or event (as the occurrence of light or dark) that provides the stimulus setting or resetting a biological clock of an organism. If that is the case, then clearing brush from lots is a zeitgeber for me!

Today’s word is no “shrinking violet.” Why? Because it’s not exactly a short word! And I feel like I should know abecedarian. Let’s see how close I can get to the true definition:

abecedarian: (ā-bē-sē-ˈder-ē-ən) 1. a person who likes to recite the alphabet 2. a person who does math exclusively with an abacus 3. a person who dares others to recite their ABCs in public

What’s your guess for abecedarian? Go here to tell me about it!

Wednesday’s Post: An odd day


Word of the Week: zeitgeber

Good morning, Word Lovers! Last week’s WOW was solatium. Merriam-Webster Online says that solatium is:  a compensation (as money) given as solace for suffering, loss, or injured feelings. So this means that when I lose my keys for the 49th time, I should get paid??? If so, I think this is a practice which needs more emphasis in our culture!

This week’s WOW is zeitgeber. Since I never took German and this word definitely has that “flavor,” this could get really interesting for my definition guesses:

zeitgeber: (ˈtsīt-ˌgā-bər, ˈzīt-) 1. the acne on Goober’s face (the younger generation just said, “Who’s Goober?”) 2. the person who pops the acne on Goober’s face 3. gawking at acne in Berlin

I warned you it would be interesting. What’s your definition guess for zeitgeber? Go here to tell me all about it!

Wednesday’s Post: Word of the Day!

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Word of the Week: crepitate

Book Club Update: Have you ordered your copy of Start? No? Go here to get your copy now!

Compassion Counseling Center Update: We have reached the 200 mark on “Likes” on our Facebook page! We could still use some more clients, though, so that all of our counselors-in-training have the needed hours to graduate on time. Please continue to pray that hurting people in our area will find us quickly! Thanks!

Last week’s WOW was deracinate. The Merriam-Webster Online definition is: uproot or to remove or separate from a native environment or culture; especially to remove the racial or ethnic characteristics or influences from something. The hubby had a pretty close guess for this one! How is it that everyone in my family is smarter than me??? Oh. Wait. It’s my family.

Today’s WOW is crepitate. I feel like I should know this word, but it has escaped my brain (probably from that face plant a few weeks ago!). So here are my guesses for crepitate:


Word of the Week: deracinate

Book Club: Did you know that some Jews do not agree with Zionism? I didn’t! If you, like me, didn’t know this, you might want to go here to read more about it.

Compassion Counseling Center: We opened; had a great Ribbon-Cutting and have now completed 4 counseling appointments with more scheduled for this week! It’s a start. Please pray that we will get to the point where we have about 24 appointments each week–that will give our counselors-in-training the hours they need to graduate on time.

Last week’s WOW was anodyne. No one seemed to know this one, but this is how Merriam-Webster defines it as: not likely to offend or upset anyone; serving to alleviate pain; not likely to offend or arouse tensions; or innocuous. My face plant last week was anything but an anodyne!

This week’s WOW is deracinate. Here are my guesses for the definition of deracinate:

deracinate: (dē-ˈra-sə-ˌnāt) 1. to decelerate 2. to remove the rack of an oven 3. to avoid Racine


Word of the Week: parvenu

Book Club: What does an 108 year old rabbi say about the Messiah? Go here to find out.

Compassion Counseling Center Update: We officially start on 1/15/2014! Thanks to a “tribute gift” of $ 1000, Compassion begins counseling in 16 days! A tribute gift is a donation made in honor of, or in memory of, someone special to the donor. Go here to see the beginning of the Tribute Gift Page and go here to honor or memorialize someone special to you! Since Compassion is a 501(c)(3) charity, all donations are tax-deductible.

Also, Compassion will have a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 4:30 pm at Oakdale United Methodist Church, 2675 Overhill Drive, Stephenville, TX 76401. YOU are invited! We will have refreshments and tours for all those attending. If you would like to attend, please go here to let me know. Yes, family and friends are welcome! I just need a “head count” for the sake of ensuring enough refreshments for everyone attending.