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Children of the Day Reflection # 2: I Thessalonians 1

Children of the Day

I just finished the homework for the 1st week of Children of the Day, Beth Moore’s new study on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. Did you find it difficult to get the daily homework done? Try spreading it over 6 days and doing about 3 to 4 pages per day, instead of trying to finish one day’s homework every weekday. 🙂

I am doing Level 3, which means I’m watching the DVDs, filling out the viewer guide for each lesson, doing the daily homework and writing out all the verses in these 2 books at the back of my member book. I am employing the same method for writing out the verses as for doing the homework: dividing the number of verses in each chapter by 6 days and writing that many verses for the day. It makes it a LOT easier, even if it doesn’t quite keep up with the daily homework.