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As God’s Scribe: I Am in the Suffering…

“Believe in me for I have spoken truth to you. I always do. To disregard my truth is to disregard me, for I am truth. Do not be dismayed when things do not go your way for, I have a plan for you, a plan you cannot imagine at this time.

Be steady in your faith in me for I am the Lord, your God, who commands the seas and the lakes and the rain and the drought. I can do no evil, but I can allow it because that may help you draw near to me and hear from me in fresh ways.

Not the Worldly Vision of Happiness…


I am in the suffering as much as I am in the joy. I am not the worldly vision of happiness; I am pure joy from here to infinite eternity. Rest in me and learn from me, for my ways are eternal–everlasting.

The days will come when this sinful world will end. You can be assured this is true,” thus says the Lord.


As God’s Scribe: The Song of My Heart…

“Give me your heart and I will ransom you from those who wish to oppress you. You are the apple of my eye, the song of my heart, the twinkling of a brilliant light for good.”


As God’s Scribe: Seek These Things First…

“I am the Lord, your God, the one who saves all from eternal damnation. Yes, I said that–not to frighten you, not to condemn you, but to remind you that there will be, one day, consequences for not yielding to me and not believing in me and trusting me completely.

Lot’s wife paid a painful price for not trusting me completely. She should be an example to all not to cling to the world’s ways but to cling to me instead. I have your back like no other, and I will protect you from what is to come.

My Job Is to Love You…


It is not for me to condemn this world; it is my Father’s job to do that. My job is to love you and warn you of the perils of not listening to me and to my Father in Heaven.

The way is paved with peril for those who do not listen to the Master’s voice. Be on the road of belief and salvation. Be on the road of goodness and mercy, thus says the Lord. Amen and amen.

Seek My Face…


Tomorrow is not promised; today is. Therefore, do what is right for today’s challenges. Seek my face. Seek my presence. Seek my life in the Father.

Seek these things first, and your life will take a different path–a path of righteousness easily done because you hear my voice calling you each and every day. It will not be a voice you hear in human conversation but a whisper from above you and within you.


Do Not Give Up on This Pursuit…


The day is coming when all will be well with you and planet Earth. The cosmos will rejoice at my coming, my return to my beloved Earth. I adore you, my children–I so want to be with you.

You are the apple of my mind’s eye–I so long to see you. Be with me, now, in the silence. Know me in every fiber of your being. Do not give up on this pursuit.

You Will See Visions…


I will meet you there, in the silence, in the whisper, in the sensation in your body. You will see visions, visions of great things to come, and I will be in the visions, giving you hope and joy eternal.

The way is paved with good intentions, but are you acting on those? If not, the road is sinking sand and will not lead to the way eternal. You must believe in me and accept me into your lives today. Do not wait!

Tomorrow is not promised. I will meet you there and welcome you into eternal life with me. Do not wait–tomorrow is not promised.”


As God’s Scribe: They Know the Master’s Voice…

“God is the true redeemer, the hero of this story I am writing with you. I am his representative and speak to you on behalf of him. He is worthy to be praised by all the Earth and will not stop until all his children are reconciled to him.

That is how much he loves you, that while sinners, he redeemed them for all time. All that needs to happen is for them to acknowledge his presence and his charm. The day is coming when all will be well, and all will be reconciled to him like a dog finding its master after a long absence from one another.

The Master Loves Them…

Dogs love their master, for they know the master’s voice and that the master loves them and cares for them. Thus, seek my love, and I will be found. Love will surround you all the days of your life if you do so. I will encircle you with love and protection all the days of your life.


As God’s Scribe: Ever…

“Be still, my children. I love you to the depths of the ocean and to the heights of Heaven. I love you in the morning and yes, I love you in the evening and in the afternoon until dusk reaches the dawn.

Tomorrow is not promised so make good use of today. Too many people do not think this way, even when there is ample evidence that this is true. You do not know the hour or time of my coming so do not waste time thinking about this for I have it well in hand and that is all that is needed.


Be Unworried about Today…


The time is coming, and coming soon, when I will bring you into my kingdom and that will be a glorious day of rejoicing in my realm. Be unworried about today because I have it well in hand and I am coming to meet you in a glorious way.