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Maizie’s Musings: Bones…


Have you been playing outside? I sure have. The weather is like that time of year when the Dad person shaves off my fur so I can be cooler. Usually, at this time of year I need all of my fur, but if this weather keeps up, I’m going to need those buzzing things he uses a lot sooner!

When I go outside, I like to find the small wooden things that have fallen from the winged invaders’ hideout. I like to prop them up in my front paws and chew them into tiny little bits.

Unfortunately, none of the winged invaders have a hideout indoors and so I can’t find the tiny wooden things! It’s a big pain because I have to hop up and down like a possessed kangaroo to get a bone. Bones are kinda like the wooden things, but much bigger and tastier.

The mom person calls them “rawhides,” but there’s nothing uncooked about them and they don’t resemble any animal’s hide from what I can tell.