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You 3.0: Mindset, Part I…

banana split

One of the post-DD-and-DSL-wedding perks is that I am 33 lbs. lighter these days. People still come up to me and say, “Wow! You look great!  What did you do?”  I offer up my journey to “MaryAnn 3.0” only because the “Battle of the Bulge” is often a very painful, back and forth journey for many people and not because I think I have it all figured out.  For all I know, tomorrow I may gain 33 lbs. But, for those who truly want to win the battle this time and want a little bit of hope, here is how I approached it and the lessons I have learned along the way. I have greatly modified my original version of this, so it may seem quite different for the FB readers! And since the original version was ridiculously long, I’m breaking this up into “bite-sized pieces,” so that it’s a little more easily “digested.” (Did you really think I would talk about dieting without throwing in some “groaner”-type humor? C’mon…you know me better than that!)

So, today’s “theme” of the bite-sized pieces is “mindset.” My “journey” began with the realization, one day, that I really do know how to lose weight and get healthy. I don’t need another diet book. I don’t need more gym equipment or another gym membership. I know what to do, because I’ve already tried a bunch of weight loss methods. So, the counselor in me decided I needed to get honest by answering a pile of questions about how I like to eat, workout and think! Folks? This was the key to my success. If you honestly answer these questions and design your “plan” around who you are, then you’ll succeed, too!

  1. Do I enjoy cooking? When they were handing out the cooking gene, I apparently thought they said “hooking,” and avoided the line. The only time I enjoy cooking is on holidays, so if I’m going to diet, it has to involve as little time in the kitchen as possible. And I have noticed the more time I spend gawking at food, smelling food, cooking, doing dishes, and cleaning my kitchen, the more I eat. So, I don’t watch the Food Channel, don’t gawk at FB and Pinterest food pics and avoid my kitchen like the Bulge-bonic plague that it is. Step away from the Food porn!
  2. What kind of time do I have to devote to healthy cooking? When I started this little “battle plan” of mine, I was in grad school, doing my counseling intern hours, working, studying for comps and helping my daughter plan her wedding. In other words, I had zero time to cook, even if I had gotten the gene.
  3. How much money can I budget for eating in a healthy way? While I do think that, over time, you will come out about even on the money spent for healthy eating, the fact remains that changing what’s in your refrig and pantry is going to take some initial cash outlay, if you’re like most Americans. And no, eating up the bad stuff first is not okay. I know how you think.
  4. Do I eat breakfast? Studies show that if you eat protein in the morning, you will most likely lose weight or weigh less. So, if you’re not a breakfast person, here’s your first “battleground.” I recommend trying to drink something by no later than 9 am, at first, to get yourself in the habit of consuming something in the morning. Then, work yourself up to having that protein. If you have to, work yourself backward from noon in 15 minute intervals.
  5. Do I snack regularly? If not, you’re probably sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Yes, eat more often. This is how Dolly Parton took off her weight…she  broke her 3 big meals into 6 smaller meals, spaced evenly throughout the day. This causes your metabolism to work more efficiently. Dolly has kept her weight off, utilizing this little lifestyle change…for decades. I think all the weight went to her wigs.


To Be Continued on Friday: You 3.0: Mindset, Part II…

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Love Letter for my Readers…

love letter

Since today is all about passion and pursuing love, today I’d like to share about my passion for my readers. Here is the “gift” I hope to leave all of you:

  1. That you will pause to think. So much of our lives are “automated” now, whether that is because of technology or because we have so many routine things to do each day. While technology is a wonderful aid and the to-do list does need to get done, I fear that our society is failing to think because of these two “tyrannies” and think creatively. And if we fail to think, we fail to solve the pressing problems of our day and of our society. Honestly, I think that is a lot of why Congress can’t seem to get anything done these days.
  2. That you will find your passion. I have spent over 50 years denying myself the one thing that truly makes me happy. And while my circuitous route of denial has taught me a lot, the fact remains that I probably could have been a much more productive citizen had I decided to pursue writing in my early days. I hope you don’t make that mistake. But if you have, fear not! Even us old people can pursue many passions.
  3. That you will embrace your passion. I feel that all of us are here for a reason–a reason that no one else can achieve. When you embrace your passion and pursue it, great things happen. For you and everyone around you.
  4. That you will act. Too much of the world thinks great thoughts and then abandons them. There is much need and much soul poverty going on in our world and it often causes even more heartache for those who do try to act and give something to the world in a positive way. In doing that, you may find you gave something to yourself.
  5. That you will share. I know it’s scary to post things in an open web site, such as this, but you are my “teachers.” When you share your own experiences, it enriches mine and often enriches others.
  6. That you will become the best version of yourself. This, unfortunately, doesn’t happen overnight. Oh, how I wish it would. But, the honest truth is that sometimes we just aren’t ready for evolving into the next version of ourselves and have to be “pushed” into it. But, in so doing, I believe that we affect so many in a great way.
  7. That you will love others more than yourself. I am denying a huge part of myself right now to do this blog, honestly. But, I believe in doing my best to help you on your journey to your “best version.” When I am focused on that, I edge, ever so slightly, towards being my best version.
  8. That you will laugh. So far the blog is pretty serious. But, I am in the “learning curve” of this blog, so hang in there with me. When we laugh, it’s easier to learn and explore.
  9. That you will explore. Venture into a new area, one that intrigues you in a good way. Learning is the great age-defying secret of our world and there is plenty of it at our fingertips now. So, be curious. Investigate. Research. Learn….and perhaps, most importantly, “bookmark.”
  10. That you will face your fears and get honest. I put these two items together because our society is scared of honesty! Being honest is often a very unnerving activity. I am often accused of being “too honest.” But, I don’t believe in playing “mind games.” My experience is that honesty often invites others to be honest and leads to confronting our foibles and eventually leads to that better version I hope we all strive to achieve. Facing our fears often leads to the same outcome.


When we become the best version of ourselves (or approach it as closely as we can), it is liberating. It is a freedom our forefathers envisioned for our country. It is worth giving everything to see it to fruition. It is, for at least a brief glimpse, Heaven.

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