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Word of the Week: fissiparous

Book Club Lovers: I have already finished The Way Home by Belle Calhoune. How about you? This is the first book of a series. Are you ready for the next one?

Children of the Day UpdateAre you studying Beth Moore’s Children of the Day study on Thessalonians? If so, you may enjoy my Wednesday posts about what I’m learning in this latest study from her. Go here.

Redesign of MIPIf you’re a chronic reader of MIP, you probably are noticing that some things are redesigned today. Do some exploring–you’ll find some old information in new places and some things redesigned just to make MIP a bit more eye-appealing. Thanks, DSL, for wowing me again! And no, not in the Word of the Week sense.

Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was the questionable cock-a-hoop. I’m also scared to look this one up on Merriam-Webster Online. But, the “Bible” for dictionaries says that cock-a-hoop means: very excited and happy about something done;  triumphantly boastful; exulting. I am exulting over the fact that MIP is slowly being noticed more and more by people I haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting!