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Maizie’s Musings: The Big Water Bowls…


I am tuckered out. Still.

Last weekend was weird. I got in the Dad person’s big white animal with rollers for legs (I think they call it a car???) and went with him to the place with the big water bowls. He didn’t make me stay or anything when I got there, but then he pulled out this really loud, scary thing that cuts down the homes of the winged invaders and it makes a LOT of noise. I decided to stay in the back of the car where it was safe.

Later, we went to the big house near one of the water bowls and I kept trying to go down to the water bowl, but the Dad person wouldn’t let me. I had to drink out of one of those shiny little bowls and it didn’t taste like my domicile’s water. Those shiny things must make the water taste funny and if so, it’s probably not good for me.

I had to stay in my travel cave at night and I didn’t like that, either. The good news is that on the 2nd day, the Mom person showed up and she and I went for a walk. She is really slow when she walks, probably because she only has two legs. I had to keep waiting on her to catch up to me. It was a pain. I mean, I DO have to check out all the animal smells within a 4-mile radius–that IS my job and she was not helping with her pokey walking AT ALL.

I did like the last part of the weekend–she and I rode in her blue car (It’s much bigger and I need the room.) and we stopped at various spots on the place with the big water bowls. What’s good about all of these spots is that each one is right next to a big water bowl.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of really tall green stuff between me and the bowls and I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk through there. Thankfully, the Mom person helped me find a place where there wasn’t too much of the tall stuff and I finally got to check out the water in the big water bowls. It tasted funny, too, but I was so hot and tired, I no longer cared.

After several stops, I got brave and tried to get to the water bowl myself. But the Mom person didn’t warn me that the walls of the bowl could be slippery and all of a sudden, KERSPLASH, I was IN the water bowl. That surprised me and it got all my fur wet. At first I didn’t like it, but then I realized that I didn’t even have to lower my neck into the water bowl. If you’re in the water bowl, the water is at chin level! It’s very convenient.

Also, if you’re in the water bowl, I don’t pant as much afterwards. I do shake out all the excess water, though. Preferably near the Mom person so she doesn’t pant as much, either. She didn’t seem to appreciate my helpfulness. I don’t know why. She’s weird.

Even with all my visits to the big water bowls, I was still hot and tired and I really slept hard afterwards when we started heading for my domicile. In fact I was sleepy the next day, too. I was fine with this arrangement until the big booms in the sky started up again.

Those big booms in the sky usually lead to my yard being wet, too, but I don’t like drinking water that comes from the big booms. I mean,  what if it booms at me while I’m drinking it???

I’ll just stay in my self-made bed cave until the booms stop and drink water from my trusty little bowl. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Maizie’s Musings: Bones…


Have you been playing outside? I sure have. The weather is like that time of year when the Dad person shaves off my fur so I can be cooler. Usually, at this time of year I need all of my fur, but if this weather keeps up, I’m going to need those buzzing things he uses a lot sooner!

When I go outside, I like to find the small wooden things that have fallen from the winged invaders’ hideout. I like to prop them up in my front paws and chew them into tiny little bits.

Unfortunately, none of the winged invaders have a hideout indoors and so I can’t find the tiny wooden things! It’s a big pain because I have to hop up and down like a possessed kangaroo to get a bone. Bones are kinda like the wooden things, but much bigger and tastier.

The mom person calls them “rawhides,” but there’s nothing uncooked about them and they don’t resemble any animal’s hide from what I can tell.


Maizie’s Musings: Short People…


Short people came to my domicile a few days ago, along with a whole lot of big people. The short people are a lot more fun–they like to run around like I do and they think that my retrieval skills are da bomb. Since my frisbee collection is my proudest possession (We’ll discuss temporary possessions later.), I am overjoyed when a people picks one up and heads for my favorite domicile door. That means I get to chase one of them!

And I love to chase frisbees. They fly through the air much like the winged invaders in my back yard, but do not have wings, do not eat vats of bird seed in one perching, and do not poop on my people’s porch chairs. This seems to be a very important attribute about frisbees for the mom person–she’s not wild about winged poop on the chairs.

Frisbees do have some deficits from the winged invaders. The winged invaders can fly back and forth, while the frisbees seem to incessantly lose altitude and fall to the ground. I must save them from certain death before they hit the ground! They also have to be launched by one of the people. Their mom frisbees must not have taught them very much about flying.

Sometimes I have to jump into the air to catch them before they fall victim to the other inhabitants in my yard (That and those sharp, pointy ball things that pretend to be grass). The mom person gets particularly excited when I do this. I don’t know why. She’s just weird.

The biggest problem with the frisbees is that they have no navigational skill whatsoever. They are very uncooperative that way. Talk about inconsiderate! Sometimes I have to run back to them after I have raced out to the middle of the yard to save them. You would think they would be more grateful since I’m saving them.

Because they have no navigational skill (They could benefit from GPS.), they often do wind up on the ground. When I pick them up after this horrible tragedy, they are often bruised and may even have holes in them! The mom person says it’s because my teeth are so sharp, but I try to pick them up carefully, so it can’t possibly be me. The frisbees just need to be more careful!

Sometimes the frisbees pretend to be winged invaders and fly into trees. Silly frisbees! But, that’s actually a little easier for me to catch and bring to my mom and dad person for protection from the other inhabitants in my yard. I’m not sure how the frisbees fly since I have to get a head start on them and run to where they usually have trouble flying.

I have noticed one correlation–when bigger people with deeper voices are launching the frisbees, the frisbees fly farther.  I must investigate this phenomenon more thoroughly.

Thus, the short people who visited my domicile a few days ago made the frisbees fall a lot faster. This meant I had a really tough assignment trying to keep them from hitting the ground.

All I know is that after I finished saving all the doomed frisbees, the short people sat on the cool tile floor indoors with me afterwards and petted my head. I really like that! My fur says that they went to their own domiciles way too soon. I hope they come back again, for the fur’s sake. Maybe I’ll even let them have one of my bones.

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