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As God’s Scribe: Wolves Around You…

“Beware of those who use my name in vain. They are not my true believers, and such behavior is not yet yielded to me. I have great hopes of them yielding this to me, but I gave them free will to choose how they will respond to my call to them and for them.

Are you such a person? Then, give this over to me so I may transform this behavior into the next part of your witness about me.

Do not be worried about this world, for I am coming soon, and very soon, to transform it into a place of love for all. Be careful not to separate yourselves from others so much that you lose the preciousness of their gifts and talents.

They may come in wolf’s clothing, but they are my children. And as my children, they can do much to win souls to my kingdom, even if in wolf’s clothing.