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It’s Time to Part Ways…

Once upon a time, there was a young family–a husband, a wife, their son, and their daughter. They didn’t have much money, but they needed a big home in a beautiful, small town. When they looked for such a home that they could afford, the homes were either too small or cost too much money. So, they decided to build what they needed with a very small amount of money.

People came to help them: a banker to give them a loan, a builder to make sure the home looked the way the family wanted, a painter to make the walls look pretty, and many, many other people. It took a pretty long time to build the home because it started raining and just kept on raining until finally, the home was ready for them to use.

There were four bedrooms to use. The daughter picked a bedroom that had a beautiful arched window and high ceilings. The son picked a bedroom that overlooked the next-door neighbor’s home. The husband and wife picked a bedroom near the kitchen. The remaining bedroom was for people who wanted to come and visit the family in the new home.