Word of the Week: infix

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Last week’s Word of the Week (WOW) was opusculum. No one knew this word, but the hubby said he looked it up. He said I wouldn’t like the definition. I now know why. Merriam-Webster Online defines opusculum as a minor work (as of literature) —usually used in plural. That pretty much describes all posts at MIP. *le sigh*

Today’s WOW is infix. I keep thinking I should know this word, but since the brain cells are dying by the nanosecond, it escapes me. I’ll lay odds I’m going to hear from several of you about the definition for this one, as a result. Here are my guesses for infix:

infix: (ˈin-ˌfiks) 1. the opposite of “fixin’ to” in Texas 2. fixing the Inn 3. attaching something to the internal part of something else. 4. fixing dinner when it’s too cold and snowy outside

What’s your guess for infix? Submit it here!

Wednesday’s Post: Hmmmm….maybe a Lessons Learned???? 

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